Just Mercy (2019)

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What is right, truth and justice when it comes to the American democracy?

Do notions of right, truth and mercy matter? If so, How do they matter in relation to "Just Mercy (2019) ? How do legal terms such as beyond a reasonable doubt and burden of proof work in a society where disguising the truth is evident and inevitable?

  • I like the concept of your article, but I would think that you ought to clarify what you mean by these terms as well as what "modern world people" mean in particular. As a philosophy buff , I'm interested in how this goes. – RedFlame2000 3 years ago
  • Talk about an incredibly broad title. Maybe the focus needs to be on whether there was some consensus in an earlier period on truth and justice and what they meant now versus now. But, even then, that earlier period needs to address who was included and not included. – Joseph Cernik 2 years ago