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Thematic Analysis of The Death Cure

There seems to be a lack of critical analysis with regards to the Maze Runner theories, especially with regards to the religious, sociological and political perspectives.

  • This seems too short. It needs to be expanded regarding what theories and what would be addressed. – Joseph Cernik 2 years ago
  • This will include an analysis of the Biblical references present in the Maze Runner as well as forming a theory of the YA Cycle – RedFlame2000 1 year ago

Ambigous Endings

I’d figure that an analysis on ambiguous ends in literature seems to warrant some serious thought.I’d like somebody to write about the psychology related to an open-ended plot..Movies could do as well.Anime is also an option

  • Do you have specific works in mind? Choosing some might help anchor the topic. – Stephanie M. 3 years ago
  • Before We Go is a great movie with an ambiguous ending. – Munjeera 3 years ago
  • Like the ending in Kidnapped or David Copperfield? – RedFlame2000 3 years ago
  • Looks good under the topic of writing as the discussion could be the value of an ambiguous ending using various examples of how it works in various mediums. – Munjeera 3 years ago
  • Before We Go is a Chris Evans movie about two people who meet in New York. He is on his way to connect us with the love of his life who has become an old flame and she is deciding to end her marriage. I can't say the ending because it will be a spoiler but the ending is ambiguous. Unusual for a romantic comedy. – Munjeera 3 years ago
  • An ambiguous ending to a novel will undoubtedly leave open the window to future renditions. Even in a happy-ending scenario, there is potential for reversal of fortune (leading to another compilation). There is always the possibility that the reader massaged the original plot into a flavor consistent to their unique palate; one the author could conceivably exploit into several more chapters, or sequels. An unresolved ending builds the kind of tension and momentum that brings loyal readership back to the watering hole, so to speak. That is not to say that critics won't take notice either, for ambiguity fuels their ire as well. – lofreire 3 years ago
  • Damn! You beat me to it. I was going to suggest a very similar topic. On a personal note, I rather enjoy ambiguous endings or those that credit the audience with enough intelligence to work things out for themselves. We are all too often given spoon-fed answers that discourage us from thinking...and we are a thinking species after all! – Amyus 3 years ago
  • Are ambiguous endings sometimes done so as to leave the way open for a sequel? Or it can be a sci-fi device... – JudyPeters 3 years ago

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I felt that that song was speaking about self-imposed isolation following a rejection. Will check it out, though. Thanks for the suggestion.

Alienation in Simon and Garfunkel's Music

This is a very interesting article. But I disagree with the focus on pragmatism. From what limited knowledge I have of US politics it seems that Buckley was more of the ideologue rather than the politician. Besides, at least in my view, theology has to politicise itself it is to relevant.nic
A wide-ranging survey, nonetheless

William F. Buckley, Jr. and Firing Line: Posturing over Pragmatic Politics

For some reason, EL Condor Paza reminds me of Scarborough Fair. Its undescribable

Alienation in Simon and Garfunkel's Music

Interesting article. I suppose the only thing they got right was the fact that Real Socialism is an internationalist ideology. Coming from a state with a ruling Communist government most commercial films are thinly disguised wadding for the egos of the current dispensation.It is enlightening to see it turned on its head.

Communist Infiltration and Donald Trump:  The Movies meet Reality

Yes, but I think it should be the radical reactionaries who should champion free speech. Has any of you read The Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler?

Worth reading

Why Books Shouldn't Be Banned

I think the building of the Wall is also a reaffirmation of the US’s sovereignty. American nationalists see Trump as the only instrument they have to get their policies passed. A good article regardless. Cheers

The Wall by The Donald and The Wall by Pink Floyd

Hmm, I’d argue that Dolores Umbridge was more of a Himmler, who took pleasure in suffering of those whom she tortured as opposed to Heydrich, who was an unemotional bureaucrat.
That being said, The Order of the Phoenix depicts the essential weakness of the nanny State when faced with driven opponents.The Ministry is unable to offer a Weltanschnauug capable of trouncing Lord Voldemort’s, and as such resorts to intimidating the truth-sayers. Angela Merkel comes to mind

Harry Potter: The Importance of Antagonists

The best argument is to accept that true peace is but an ideal and that patriotism is the only tonic for the ills of the world

Naruto: In Defense of the Uchiha Clan