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The stereotype of the "dumb blonde" in Legally Blonde (2001)

Analysis of how the film Legally Blonde stereotypes the leading protagonist Elle Woods as a "dumb blonde". Perhaps look in to how the film attempts to distract from this stereotype yet continues to represent Elle as this character.

  • I think you might be missing the point/need to exit the very early 2000s mindset of what a woman should be. After movies like House Bunny (and other 2000s Rom coms) and the Marilyn Monroe figure became integrated into pop culture and eventually led to the hyper gendered misogyny and female stereotypes that still hurt us today. Legally blonde and mean girls and she’s out of my league are all riffing on that, Elle just happened to be one of the first women in recent media to prove that smart and pretty and sexy are all one thing, and her accomplishments were her own. (I count her final bf as eye candy). In the musical the song “so so so much better exemplified this) plus her friendship with her exe’s new girl and the salon owner provide examples of female friendship that are not based on clique mentality or appearance – chloedubisch 4 years ago