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Manga to anime adaptations vs. book to film adaptations

Do they follow similar patterns or is one typically more successful than the other? What have you noticed about the reception from fans for each type of adaptation? Why do you think these results have occurred?

  • Hmm... interesting subject, but I'd add more explanation as to why this topic is in need of an analysis and reflexion. – Beaucephalis 1 year ago
  • This could be an interesting subject! Though I feel like the fact that anime is episodic and longer than a movie would make the comparison a little odd - in some ways, I feel manga to anime vs book to tv show could be a more apt comparison. While the latter isn't as common, I feel the differences in the length of a single movie vs a series makes comparing the two in a productive way a little harder. It the comparison being more about the mediums for their structural differences in length rather than being about adaption. There's also a lot of factors here that can influence the difference between manga to anime vs book to film/tv show - the strengths and limitations and costs of animation vs live action, the nature of prose vs manga/comics as a medium, and of course cultural differences between the places making these movies and anime. – AnnieEM 11 months ago
  • I think this is an interesting topic. Though I'd argue that these are a very large categories to explore, which could make analysis challenging. – Sean Gadus 9 months ago
  • Fascinating Topic! I feel that in terms of visual aesthetic Manga to Anime is more closely affiliated when compared to book adaptations. With Manga, one is clear as to how a character looks whereas with books oftentimes the cast is completely different from their on-page persona. That difference could be worth exploring within this topic. – Eeshita 9 months ago

Are audiences losing media literacy?

Media literacy is the ability to understand and analyze works such as movies, television, books, and even video games. That said in recent years there’s been a notable lack of nuance in media discussions and even worse a rise in pushback against anything that challenges the audience’s comfort,
claims such as "All sex scenes are useless", "protagonists shouldn’t be bad/do immoral things" and "There should be a clear lesson in a story"

46% of American adults in a survey say that they didn’t learn media literacy in schools, which begs the question of why not? What consequences have arisen due to low media literacy and how can they be corrected going forward?

  • A good place to look at whether or not audiences are losing media literary is on Booktok. Creators who critically review books are often slammed and shamed for taking the pleasure out of reading. When in all reality, readers do not want to be made to feel uncomfortable with the authors and reading themes they choose to support. – morgantracy 6 months ago