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The Lack of Success of Modern Novel Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies

Analyse why novel sci-fi and fantasy ideas that have been released to the cinemas recently have not had the strong effect that the same kinds of films had during the 2000-2010s. One immediate example that comes to mind would be Jupiter Ascending, which performed abysmally at the box office and was critically demolished. John Carter is another example that seemed promising, yet was not given a sequel despite being based off a series of comics.

  • i see a lot of potential with this topic, especially if one were to take a more comparative route by analyzing more recent sci-fi/fantasy films alongside earlier works like Bladerunner or The Fifth Element. – ees 6 years ago
  • Like your title points out, there's a lack of novelty. I'd argue that super hero films fall under the genre of science fiction/fantasy but that doesn't make them novel. If we are to consider superhero films in the same realm as other science fiction/fantasy films, I think that one solution might be the abandonment of using tired formulas. When superhero films mix genres, such as The Dark Knight as crime thriller or Deadpool as black comedy, the novelty becomes apparent. The MCU is definitely more likened to fantasy than something like The Dark Knight, which possess elements of science fiction rather than fantasy. If you mean specifically more traditional science fiction/fantasy, we did recently get Annihilation and Arrival, both great and I'd say novel films. – kram3582 6 years ago