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The challenges of coming up with a "new" idea

When it comes to writing, whether it be in a category as specific as film, TV, or games – we are all in the same boat. Whatever it is we say must be new. Or rather, must be heard in a new way.

What are the challenges of coming up with a new idea? What is the difference between copying and reinventing?

This topic can be explored in various ways, from various angles, but most likely under the category of writing. If you find a specific theme geared only towards another area of the Artifice, by all means, go for it!

  • When someone wants to make the next best story, the obvious conclusion is to think outside the box. That may not be really necessary because sometimes the best ideas are often simplest ones. Romeo and Juliet is a simple love story with engaging charters and themes, but is never feels complicated. When trying to think outside the box, the greater risk of making your world and the character they live in it too complicated. Sometimes, less is more. – Aaron Hatch 8 years ago
  • I have found that synthesis, catharsis, the subconscious, and having a diverse ouevre at your disposal all play a crucial role. The greatest works that I have read, original or not as they may be, they had a lasting impact. An example of this would be Kafka's Metamorphosis. There are plenty of references to what he had read that may have sparked this "little story" of his. (Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch comes to mind.) Again, Kafka mentioned in some letters written to his then-fiancĂ©, that he simply "had" to write this story, and quickly, so as to not be impeded in the process. A delay would harm the story; having too much thought put into it. This draws on the "subconscious." Kafka was brilliant, because his notorious story defies simple explanation, and it is because it was new, for the four reasons mentioned above. – claytonpitcher 8 years ago
  • Emulate one thing and it's a copy, emulate two or more things together and that's a Hollywood pitch for an original idea. – Lazarinth 8 years ago
  • Perhaps talk about very popular books and what was their "new idea" if they even had one. – nsiegel 8 years ago