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The socially dividing influence of mother! A controversial classic, or true utter garbage?

When mother! was released earlier this year, it created an inescapable schism between those who saw an ever-shifting always-engaging artistic study of human nature and creationism, and those who saw an over-bloated pretentious meaningless mess of a film with nothing to say. What can the praisers and detractors agree on?

  • There had been a few reviews on this at the time, but nothing in the months after its release. I applaud you in creating a new spin on this with a comparative format not persuasive. – AbbyMay 6 years ago

The biblical allegory within Darren Aronofkys Mother

Mother is a film which has received rather controversial critical reception for its gratuitous brutality and extremely intricate plot line. Perhaps what is overlooked however, is the overall premise of the film being a biblical allusion and social commentary- particularly in an environmental sense. An article going into the depth of this using examples of the film and Aronofskys directing will be quite engaging.

  • an interesting topic to look into! however, the director and the actors in the film have all come out saying that instead of being a biblical allegory, Mother! is an environmental horror film, with both the female lead and the house itself representing nature and "mother earth" – ees 7 years ago

Mother's influence on indie games

Examine the influence the JRPG series Mother has had on recent indie games, with examples being Undertale, Lisa, OFF, Space Funeral, Ib and Anodyne. Talk about how it’s atmosphere and mix of quirky humor and cosmic horror has been modified and utilized by modern indie developers.