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Mr. Darcy and why he is so attractive to modern readers

Anyone who has read Pride and Prejudice has probably fallen in love with Mr. Darcy. But why do we love him so much? This could focus on why we may relate to him or what is it about his "standoffish" personality that we like.

  • Maybe the girls were touched by his change of heart at the end, it demonstrates sensitivity, a necessary element in any steamy romance. – RadosianStar 8 years ago
  • The first thing this makes me think of is Jess from Gilmore Girls--what is it about the sulky, smart, utterly uninterested "dark" man with a heart of gold that remains timeless and timelessly attractive? – Sasha Kohan 8 years ago
  • I believe that part of the answer to this question is rooted in what women find attractive in general. A man who is "standoffish" is intriguing, and his initial rudeness exciting. Hate is not the opposite of love, after all, indifference is. – C8lin 8 years ago
  • I think part of appeal of Darcy relates to how Austen constructs her narrative. In the early parts of the novel, we are led to believe that Darcy is a standoffish, arrogant, individual based off Elizabeth's interactions with him. However, as the novel progesses,Elizabeth and the reader get to see a different side of the character and our opinions of him changes significantly. – SeanGadus 8 years ago
  • Another idea to add to his character appeal is his letters to Elizabeth and the intimate effect they have on both her and the reader. – musaie 7 years ago
  • I personally like Tilney, Brandon, and Wentworth better than Darcy (gasp)! But I definitely think Darcy has appeal. What draws me to him is the fact that he's mistaken for cold and arrogant when in truth, he's shy and has a painful past that makes him distrustful. That wins audience sympathy and empathy, even if said audience sometimes cringes at his choices. Personally, I see Darcy as a fairly realistic romantic hero, esp. when compared to what you'd find in say, Harlequin books. Then again, I'm an Austen fan and biased, so do with that what you like. – Stephanie M. 7 years ago