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Shel Silverstein and Neil Gaiman: A comparison of the magic of childhood

Both authors explored the magic of children, the innocence of imagination and characters that rebel against conforming to ‘adulthood.’ in what ways are these authors alike, what sets them apart. There is an importance to how an adult, or at least the idea of how adults are and how they view the world, and then there’s the children that make up these stories and poems that uncover the magic. What is this importance and how does it work to serve as an analysis of the outside world of the works, the reality in which we live in?

  • Love this so much! – Stephanie M. 5 years ago
  • There's some promising potential here for Contrast as well as comparison. Each of Silverstein's poems explores a "childish" concept just long enough to make a joke or two. Gaiman goes deep, exploring the possibilities of his premise just as much as he would his adult writing. That's not meant as a statement about the quality of one or the other, although you could weigh the pros and cons of the novelist approach and the poet approach. – noahspud 5 years ago