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No-Kill Rule: Idealism vs Pragmatism

There are many heroes that adhere to a strict "no-killing" rule and there are several heroes that absolutely don’t. For instance, Batman and The Midnighter. Analyse which approach makes more sense from an idealistic standpoint as well as a pragmatic standpoint.

  • This is a fascinating concept, but terrifyingly broad. Maybe you could pick two specific heroes to contrast? Batman versus pretty much anyone else? I have Trigun on the brain because I just finished it, but a contrast between Trigun and Wolfwood would be interesting, especially because they are both mitigated versions of other's more extreme philosophies (Ren and Knives, to some extent). Also, the show definitely seemed to priviledge Vash's perspective, but, as the viewer, I'm still not sold that he's right, even in his fictional universe. – thekellyfornian 8 years ago
  • I think adding the "Yes-Kill" rule to a character adds the ability to really flesh out a character. Most characters who kill are not unaffected. Usually they deal with moral issues and regret. A character with a "No Kill" rule, would not have these issues and therefore it'd be harder to flesh out the character and make them feel real to readers. Not to say it doesn't work, it just evokes a much different type of connection. – Tatijana 8 years ago
  • I think it's interesting some of the greatest characters for DC do not kill and the best character, in my opinion, for Marvel, The Punisher, does. A lot. I find that interesting because typically one associates DC comics with a grittier feel and Marvel with a brighter tone. Maybe an examination of each universe and the prevailing philosophies of the leading heroes? – Bo 8 years ago
  • I think examining the moral question--examining those situations when it is justifiable to kill for the sake of the common good--would be of great importance here. For instance, despite his no-kill stance, would it be better for Batman, in some instances, to kill in order to prevent more harm (e.g., should he kill the Joker)? – Luthien 8 years ago
  • It's all about personal philosophy...Are you asking about what would make a character who doesn't kill kill someone? To protect those they love... Or they will always find another way. -Rurouni Kenshin -Aang ,Last Airbender It is a very heroic and philosophical ideal, but can be perceived as a weakness. – Candice Evenson 8 years ago