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Onepunch-Man: Logistics of its Inception, Serialization, and Animation

A timeline from the initial manga by ONE with sub par art to the anime adaptation that seems to be going well so far! Start with the original art and story by ONE that was the root of a series many are becoming fans of. Research into how ONE started releasing the manga (publisher, payment, etc.). Then explain how Murata Yuusuke came to be the artist for ONE’s story and possibly his monetary compensation for the work. Finally, the animation quality for the anime is impressive, so focus on who the animators are (both company and individuals if possible) and what kind of budget they have. Are the animators compensated well for the beautiful work they are doing? Or are they putting in extra hours out of passion?

  • I think moepsen3 wants a timeline of its creation since One Punch-Man was originally a poorly drawn web comic that received a manga adaptation due to its surprising popularity. The anime further upgraded its popularity and now taking up three/four spots of the New York Times best sellers in Manga for this month. This will develop more on the three levels of ONE's story. If this isn't the case, then there does need to be more clarification. Otherwise, great topic! – Connor 8 years ago
  • I have heard that the budget for One Punch Man is about the same as any other show airing right now, and that the animators are just extremely dedicated. This could also be a great way to explore how the franchise has become the phenomenon that it is and why so many people are so passionate about it, creators and fans alike. – ChristopherKay 8 years ago