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Naruto political world

What is the political situation in the Naruto anime/manga world? The relationship between the villages in particular. Is the leaf village the leader? If it isn’t, why not, since the leaf village seems so much more powerful than the others? If it is, why do they act independent from each other (equal)? In the fourth great ninja war most of the battles were won or led by ninja from the hidden leaf village (I admit not all but most). Is the political system in the Naruto world believable or not? And why?

  • Naruto-verse is divided into, first, Lands: Earth, Iron, Fire, Lightening, Water, etc. Each Land then has their own hidden ninja village; the Land of Fire is where Konohagakure is- Konoha being the first ninja village to be formed. The politcal system in Naruto I believe is that each Land is independent, politically, which is why the Fourth Shinobi War is supposed to be significant, since all the Lands don't often all work together. In addition to Kages, each Land has a daimyo. I agree that the Land of Fire is often depicted as strongest- the Hokage, after all, is always said to be the strongest of the five Kages. – ees 7 years ago