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Drawing Lines Between Problematic People and Beloved Media: Is It Even Possible?

As a rule, I don’t see Woody Allen movies. That’s fine because I was never a Woody Allen fan to begin with, but removing all problematic people and their creations from my media consumption is difficult, particularly when it is old media no longer on the air. Do I stop watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer because Joss Whedon gaslight his wife and is not the feminist he proclaims he is? Can I no longer enjoy That ’70s Show reruns because Danny Materson allegedly raped five women? I stand with these women, but I also deeply love the media of their accusers. What lines do we have to draw now? What media can we still enjoy even with problematic people involved? How do we enjoy it while acknowledging what these people did?

  • this is really interesting -- especially since our society has become more sensitive towards social issues and calling out problematic behaviour. – Pamela Maria 6 years ago
  • For me personally I have chosen to draw the line at money. I will continue to watch or read or play whatever media as long as it doesn't put money in the pockets of the abusers. If I have already bought a book I feel comfortable rereading it, but I will not buy more books by that author. I will watch reruns on TV, because my watching them has no bearing on how much money an actor gets. The works haven't changed, but it would weigh on my conscience if I continued to put money in the pocket of people who have done such wrongs. – kungtotte 6 years ago
  • This is such a relevant topic which defiantly needs more traction! I have thought about it before but I guess it is also the viewers own opinion on how they decide to consume the media and in what capacity etc. I love Buffy and That 70's Show but knowing these facts it puts a halt on their new projects for me and personally I have to consider if I really want to see their new ideas etc. – ambermakx 6 years ago