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The Power of Reflective Writing

Reflective writing has great power to aid in self discovery, to strongly connect the author and the reader and to transform both. The best reflective writing goes far beyond a brief diary entry and compels careful attention from both the writer and the reader. When done well, both the writing and the reading of it are mindful practices.

  • I think this is a fascinating idea. My worry is that it may prove extraordinarily challenging to discuss the issue without becoming bogged down in academic jargon. Not that it would be impossible or that it wouldn't prove enjoyable, only that delving into such a topic could be somewhat confusing. I'd love to write on this topic, but I fear the only way I could do so is by offering my own personal writings as examples of elements of the broader idea. Is something like that acceptable? If so, I'd totally be down to have this as my first attempt at a published piece. – Bo 8 years ago
  • Hi Bo, I think your own personal writing is an essential grounding for this kind of reflection. You can see a blog where I have some of my own writing and that of some of my students here: – jaa9n 8 years ago
  • I love this idea, but when reading your description, I was wondering, what do you believe is "at stake?" This post would benefit from your providing some questions that plague you; something that intrigues someone to see this interesting topic and then decide they want to explore this topic and share their enthusiasm. I agree with what you say here, but what if you ask, "can reflective writing ever be a truthful depiction since it is fueled by emotions?" – danielle577 8 years ago