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Literature in the modern online social sphere

How will the increasing move to online social worlds such as Facebook and Instagram influence the consumption and production of literature. Will the move from physical books to technological based formats change the way words and ideas influence us. Is the day of the long classic novels coming to an end? Is this move making written word more accessible to mass audiences. Will this inevitable cultural and technological shift be the dawning of a new age of literature, or the death of an ancient human practise?

  • Its clear the way we use them is evolving, I think it creates an opportunity for new techniques to be used by writers, like a painter discovering some new colours. Especially as a new realm of experiences to decipher and dramatise. – beekay 6 years ago
  • I have read many books that have detailed futuristic worlds in which physical books are 'ancient, with yellowing pages and brittle spines' and wondered myself whether this vision of the future could, in fact, become truth, particularly with the creation of ebooks and the ever increasing ability to purchase texts online. – SophIsticated 6 years ago
  • Would it be helpful to look at games and our ability to participate in the story - has their level of characterisation rivalled (or does it have the potential to rival) 'long classic novels'? – Els Lee 5 years ago