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The appeal of watching hot people find relationships

Love is Blind. Love Island. Too Hot To Handle. The Bachelor/ette. These are just some of the examples of shows that have loyal followings even though they have nearly identical set-ups and very similar premises: can people find love in a short period of time, removed from their everyday lives? What I find most interesting about this show is, what drives people of all backgrounds to watch it? What makes people sign up for these shows in the first place? How do these shows maintain viewership over the years even though it’s become very clear that these relationships never pan out? Are people less jaded/cynical about love than they profess to be? Or, is it enjoyable to watch them fail? I’d love for someone to share their thoughts on what makes people come back to "reality" TV shows about love/dating, time and again.

  • I think an interesting aspect to cover is that these kinds of reality shows are often guilty pleasures. There are a lot of people who watch these shows but would not ever admit it. That could open an interesting discussion: if they're so popular, why are people so ashamed to admit they like them? – Samantha Leersen 4 years ago
  • I'd love to hear people's thoughts, because I hate reality TV dating. :) – Stephanie M. 4 years ago
  • The very few times I spent a moment here and there watching this stuff, I assumed the idea was get beyond the physical looks to obnoxious personalities. – Joseph Cernik 4 years ago