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    Thank you so much! I’m a big fan of the show and always find people asking me why I still watch it if it’s the same thing every season…so, I looked into it!

    The Bachelor: Why We Still Care

    I’ve seen Frozen a lot more times than I probably should have, but I think it’s one of those films that will never grow old. It has everything that Disney has been lacking for too long, and it was really refreshing to see that young children of today are able to see that you can still be a princess in your own right without needing a man to save you. These two princesses were also very relatable; Elsa was restricted and self-conscious, and Anna was very awkward. Both embodied normal girls, and they are attainable personalities that don’t involve people feeling the need to be perfect in order to be loved and accepted by others.

    Disney No Longer ‘Frozen’ in Antiquated Gender Stereotypes

    Tina is definitely one of my favorite characters on the show. She is hilarious, and I have yet to watch an episode in which she doesn’t make me laugh. It’s truly one of the great shows out there, and I wish more people would watch it and give it the popularity it deserves, especially for Tina’s sake!

    The Significance of Tina to Bob's Burgers

    This is a topic that I think will always be debated. Personally, I prefer the books over the movie versions, since the movies typically have a habit of butchering the image I saw in the book. Of course, there are some exceptions; I thought the Harry Potter films were really well done, in comparison to the books!

    The Novel or the Film?

    Though I’ve been a big fan of Glee since the start, I have to admit that I agree with most of the points in this article. Even in the first season, the show had an air of predictability, and at the end, I wondered what else they could possibly do to make the show fresh. I wish they had spaced out the excitement; I feel like that plays a big part in how long a show can actually survive in the public eye. One thing I do disagree with is the portrayal of gay characters. Though Kurt was the original and I believe that the writers could have toned down the stereotypes a bit with his character, later seasons introduced Blaine. Blaine is probably a more realistic and perhaps a more believable character than Kurt, for the most part. The same goes for the first lesbian couple on the show, Brittany and Santana–I think the two strayed away from the stereotype of a less-feminine lesbian and showed viewers that there isn’t just one look for homosexual people.

    4 Reasons Why Glee Should be Cancelled

    While I am not familiar with the series, I do enjoy reading fan theories. I see so many of them pop up in regards to my personal favorites (Harry Potter, particularly) and it never ceases to amaze me how creative the fan base is. Seeing how one artist can inspire another to spawn off of his or her own story is truly a magical thing, especially when the theories make sense!

    5 Fan Theories about A Song of Ice and Fire

    This was a very interesting piece. The argument makes a great deal of sense, especially since environmental conservation has become a spotlighted issue in recent years. While I do believe in saving the world and protecting what’s left, I admit that I do enjoy the feel of having a physical book in my hands, rather than something such as a kindle or a nook.

    The Post-Paperback Era: How Letting Go Of The Paperback Could Salvage Biodiversity On Earth

    I remember seeing The Purge in theaters, expecting to be terrified. In actuality, I wasn’t afraid of the actors or the storyline, but of the idea that someone (a writer) had thought of this solution to ending crime. Today, people are so geared to creating “perfect worlds” that they don’t realize what a mess it can become, especially when it comes to morals and the way we look at them.

    Dystopias in Contemporary Hollywood: A Young Adult Revolution