4 Reasons Why Glee Should be Cancelled

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When it began, Glee had all the makings of a spectacular show; likable characters, comedy, relatability, excellent music, and intriguing drama. Even though many people scoffed and rolled their eyes at the cheery, musical T.V. series, the numbers spoke for themselves. There were 9.62 million viewers of the pilot episode that aired May 19, 2009, and in its first season, the viewers never dropped below 6 million. Its initial success was short-lived. The show tanked when Season 3 ended with 8 of the characters graduating. With Season 4, viewers were introduced to a mostly new main cast and saw less and less of their favorites. Moving into Season 5, the ratings took a hit. According to wetpaint.com, Season 5 of the show had reached all new lows with its Christmas episode only obtaining “3.2 million viewers and a 1.2 demo rating.” Better shows have been cancelled for much less. Even so, Glee has been renewed for a 6th season when it quite honestly needs to be cancelled. Here is why Glee should end its reign on FOX and give a new show a chance.

4. Ridiculously Cheesy

Classic look of tender satisfaction
Classic look of tender satisfaction

It is pretty difficult not to gag on the overwhelming cheesiness of the show. Every struggle ends with a heartwarming resolution (or pseudo-resolution) and every conflict is resolved with a duet. Any time the glee club has a dispute, Mr. Schuester suggests everyone just sing it out and Blam! problem solved. What could be worse than the gooey, glazed-over look Schuester gets when he sees the kids sing? Gabriel Arana, in his article “Cheesy Does It,” quips, “I’m convinced the show must have an hours-long B-roll of him staring slightly off-camera with tender satisfaction.”

Unique GleeThe true problem with Glee‘s cheese-factor is that it tends to poorly resolve serious issues within the show. For instance, rather than allow the inclusion of Unique’s character to be an opportunity to raise awareness about trans issues and show a positive way to support trans kids, there is a hasty resolution. Congrats to Glee for having America’s first transgender television character, but the way Unique is treated is abhorrent. She faces much transmisogyny, but much of it is presented as something to be laughed at. Unique is also usually misgendered and Glee never takes strides to show that being misgendered is an incredibly negative occurrence. There is even a petition on change.org protesting transphobia on the show and by its cast members.

For many viewers, Glee may be their first introduction to a transgendered character or even the idea of the trans spectrum. This makes it all the more vital that Glee offers an honest representation of a trans person and the culture that surrounds that identity. Basic things like making sure to use the right gender pronouns or at least show how damaging misgendering can be should be addressed. Also, practically ignoring the transmisogynistic remarks made by one of their cast members was a fatal mistake. Since Unique is the first trans character on American television, you can be sure that there are trans viewers watching how Glee handles and develops the character as well as represents trans issues. By offering such a flawed representation and by ignoring transmisogyny in their own castGlee is isolating an important piece of their viewer demographic. Glee should have emulated shows like Grey’s Anatomy in how they support and even defend the communities they represent within their show. For instance, after he issued not one, but two homophobic slurs, Isaiah Washington was fired from the cast of Grey’s Anatomy.

For a show that addresses so many touchy and controversial issues, Glee has failed to address these topics fully or support the communities affected.

3. Unlikable Characters

The rag-tag bunch of awkward teens were initially endearing when first introduced in Season 1. They faced a diverse set of struggles, from sexuality to bullying to low self-esteem and even teen pregnancy, but with the help of Mr. Schuester were able to overcome them in time to compete in regionals.

Of course, what were once endearing characters became incredibly irksome ones. It’s hard to bear the continuation of a show with characters that are so irritating. Rachel Berry is perhaps one of the most annoying. Her self-absorption never ceases. She constantly asserts that she is the best and is willing to step on anyone who tries to get in her way. Somehow she ends up being in a relationship with Finn (on-and-off) and stomps all over that poor guy. How is the audience expected to care about a character that is so hard to like?

Marley GleeEven the new characters in the later seasons are lacking. While seemingly adorable and sweet, Marley is a character of little dimension. Beyond being consistently bullied, she contributes hardly anything to the story line. While being caught between Jake and Ryder, she is exceedingly wishy-washy and plays the doe-eyed uncertain damsel unable to decide.

Kitty is particularly detestable as she manipulates Marley into developing an eating disorder. Unfortunately, Kitty’s character is entirely unoriginal and presents herself as a mini-Quinn. She’s a mean girl, blonde, cheerleader who is ruthless and rarely ever punished for her misdeeds.

Many shows, like Channel 4’s Misfits, fail to survive a change in main cast. If any show were to be an exception, it absolutely should not be Glee, especially since the new main cast of characters is possibly even worse than the barely likable original cast.

2. Painfully Predictable

It’s hard to be surprised by Glee anymore. There will always be some sort of controversial plot twist.

Teen pregnancy, check. Eating disorders, check. Bullying, check. School shooting, check. Homosexuality, check. Transgender, kind-of check. Infidelity, check. Suicide, check. Mental illness, check. Developmental disabilities, check.

Glee Duet

Every couple breaks up at some point and most of them get back together. There is always at least one character with a massively inflated ego. The glee club faces at least one major antagonist and somehow always survives and bands together for an end-of-season group performance. There’s always some mash-ups, classic rock, a duet between two feuding characters, and at least one Lady Gaga cover.

People laugh, people cry, they try to make it to regionals…


1. Frighteningly Stigmatizing

When it began, Glee was falsely paraded as a show that was more inclusive and diverse than a majority of other shows on air. While diversity is present, many of the characters fulfill negatively stereotyped and stigmatizing roles.

You have Quinn who plays into every bad cheerleader/mean girl stereotype. She is a manipulative bully and shows little positive development over the course of 5 seasons. She is self-absorbed and cruel and will do anything to keep up with appearances.

Even worse is Kurt. While his dramatic journey is perhaps the most relatable and heart-warming, he reproduces so much negative stigma it’s ridiculous. He is flamboyant and feminine, obsessed with fashion and speaks in a high-pitched voice. While there is nothing wrong with being any of these things, it would have been better to have a less stereotypical representation of a gay man on the show.

sue sylvester glee

Perhaps the worst is Sue Sylvester. She began as a hilarious antagonist, but the further her character continued with the show, the worse she got.With so many viewers, Glee is in a position to break down stereotypes and open minds. Instead, it is just flat-out disappointing. The nasty remarks she makes only helps to reinforce negative stigma. She bullies Emma about her mental illness and Artie about his disability (calling his wheelchair a “lazy-maker”). She even tells students that they are “uglies and fatties.” Her only redeeming quality is her compassion toward Becky and her sister.

When it comes to quality television, Glee does not fit the bill. What is baffling is how a show like this can survive so long but gems like Firefly, Lie To Me, Dead Like Me, Freaks and Geeks, and Pushing Daisies (among others) get cancelled in their prime. FOX in particular is guilty of cancelling much-loved shows. Regardless, it’s about time FOX lays Glee to rest and lets something new fill its time slot.

... or they could revive Firefly...
… or they could revive Firefly…

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  1. I agree with you on most points but would like to point out that GLEE did introduce a less stereotypical gay man with Blaine. Also, I would like to point out that some of the original characters were made endearing by the fact that they never truly lost those qualities that made them themselves. Is Rachel annoying? A definite yes but it also shows that no matter what she always remains who she is. I do however, completely agree on the fact that GLEE touches on subjects but doesn’t really go into them. It is more about getting people to talk about the issues than resolve them on TV.

    • Celesse

      Blaine is an awful, empty character used to pander to the fanbase and none of the main characters were endearing after episode 13 of Season 1.

      • how you say he’s used to pander fans only when season 4, came which was also the time ryan lost interest in glee for ahs,

      • I agree. They dump characters and the storylines are so useless and pathetic I’m glad it’s over.

      • I agree

  2. I don’t disagree with your points, but this article exists in a world where networks cancel bad shows and keep good ones. That’s a nice world, but it’s not a world we live in. None of those things matter in the least if the show is garnering viewership or otherwise making its studio and network money. These might be reasons that the show is bad, but it’s certainly not reasons the show should be cancelled.

    • Wow, well said. And worth a separate article 🙂

    • Thank you for your response. I didn’t intend for my post to come off as some sort of idealized notion of a world where bad shows get cancelled and good ones don’t. Maybe next time I should use a different title (concerning the negative points of Glee and why it is bad) to introduce the points rather than why Glee should be cancelled.

      • Kurt Bumble

        There is nothing to really apologize for. When a show is riddled with negative stereotypes it is never a good thing. For all its fame I see GLBT characters to be in a negative light above all else. Even Blaine is stereotypical. He speaks feminine and I’m guessing he’s the “man” of the coupling with Kurt. He seems to be over confident, handed everything, and has indulged in flirting, and lets not forget sleeping with people, other than Kurt while with him. Unique would probably be a decent character if they actually closed out her storylines and developed her but it seems like they drop or forget about her storylines quickly. Lady Hummell however seems to be the worst and as much as I like Chris Colfer himself he seemed a lot of times to steal the spotlight from Rachel or Blaine. Kurt had a crush on Finn and the way he went about going after him was downright creepy adding to the stereotype homosexuals cannot take no for an answer. Later on they become stepbrothers which the Finn is yelled at for being paranoid which he by that time is not a homophobe but rightfully paranoid. Now Sue Sylvester wouldn’t have lasted a month at that school and would’ve been fired by the first tantrum, shoving of a kid, innapropriate insults to either child or faculty member along with Will who doesn’t seem to understand the fine line between teacher and student. He’s not in a similar situation to Mr. Feeney (boy meets world) where its indicated he knew the main cast before he taught them. But then everyone on that show is an awkward and negative stereotype and the kids who watch accept it knowing this. But they present a dangerous stigma to these groups that could wreak havok if those kids actually believe these things. Hell I was surprised as a kid when High School wasn’t like saved by the bell and after that I knew college was nothing like hollywood said it was. I just don’t see this show (while all about being different and that being okay) actually helping people overcome racism. The only non-stereotypical character I remembered was Kerovski and he came off sorta like a bully/racist.

    • I agree with this.

  3. Maybe its because I’m not a 14 year old girl but I could take or leave the whole Finn- Rachel storyline in the first place. It’s an ensamble cast. I’d much rather see the Trebbletones or see more screen time go to Sanatana, Mercedes, Tina, Harry, etc.

    Also, I sometimes think that Glee should be a little bit more like Game of Thrones and just let some of the characters go. Keeping the old characters while introducing new characters is just spreading things too thinly.

  4. Another point I’d like to add is (lack of) character development. I haven’t watched any of the recent seasons (because I quit watching Glee for several of the reasons stated above), but I remember many characters doing horrible things to each other and then the writers act like nothing was ever a problem. I recall that Brittany did horrible things to her fellow Glee club members, but people like her so much for her one-liners. I think I also remember an episode when Finn outed Santana? Sure, she was being a bully to him, but outing someone is never okay.

  5. Glee: such a great show. And, though I am still a part of the fandom, the show is deteriorating.

    I’m honestly surprised that Blaine hasn’t been referenced more in the discussion; though his inception in season two brought national attention to the LGBTQIA community, his character development has been nothing but detrimental as a model for gay couples. Although Blaine is less stereotypical of a gay man, as one poster has stated, it hardly means anything when he’s done some terrible things (ex: tried to pressure Kurt to have sex in a car, emotionally manipulative/abusive, cheated, etc.) and, to me, is more harmful than positive as a character for the community. Not to mention that a huge integral of that is a lack of solid character development, in tandem with much of his hypocrisy over the advent of the show.

    But, most of the issues lie in the hands of the writers. They tend to insert unnecessary lines (I’m surprised at the amount of their biphobia, amongst a host of other snarky remarks), which really doesn’t accomplish their point of helping to recognize the ‘underdog.’ Also, the writers tend to drop issues and pretend as if they don’t exist; their inability to deal with the aftermath of a resolution of pivotal plot lines is frustrating. Examples include: Marley’s eating disorder, the cat-fish plot-line, where Tina will end up, etc. Glee is inevitably on a spiral downward; at this point, it’s a matter of utilizing the top songs in pop culture and casting celebrities for roles that will ultimately be relegated to the background (ex: Demi Lovato, Adam Lambert).

    • Thank you! I agree with your points, especially with what you said concerning plot resolutions! Glee never seems to know how to end plots properly. I was so irritated with how they ended the catfish plotline, especially with Ryder announcing he was quitting just for that to never be brought up again.

    • people that misuse the one abuse, you are trash and should not even exist in this world

  6. jkudzm1

    I honestly could not agree more with this article. I was really interested with the original concept of Glee and I will admit that enjoyed the first two seasons. But after that I lost interest because it just became very very cheesy and I wasn’t too happy with the way the plot progressed. In addition every season seemed exactly the same, the show never really went there.

    From a lot of my friends that have continued to watch I’ve heard that it’s just a really bad show and your article certainly provides another source of evidence of that. It’s just a shame after Corey died. Oh well…

  7. I started losing interest in Glee after season 2 and haven’t watched since the beginning of season 3. After I cleaned my hands of Glee, I tried to think about what drew me to the show initially and had me hooked for so long. I honestly couldn’t think of many reasons. Actually, the more I thought about it, the more annoying the show became. What bothered me the most though, was the portrayal of minorities on the show, (Mercedes, Tina, the other Asian guy who remained nameless for a while, Santana). It seemed like they were there to fill some requisite diversity quota. They remained in the background most of the time, only pulled out to belt out the powerful last note or sing one of the more “urban” songs. Glee just needs to end. I really enjoyed your article, and it summed up my feelings towards Glee perfectly.

  8. I feel that Glee profited from Cory Monteith’s death and I found it really disturbing. Even if they say that it wasn’t acting and the emotions were real, I was very put off by the fact that they did that.
    I feel that they saw it as an opportunity to boost ratings.

    • Amanda Snow

      You should be ashamed of yourself. It is very very hard to lose somebody. You know that I lost a Dad when I was 2?? And I lost 4 dogs within these past few years??? Well, making fun of the people, Especially Lea Michele, in fact my heart goes out to her, that is NOT cool.

  9. Unique is not the first trans character on television. Degrassi.

    • Thank you for correcting my mistake! I got the information from another article, but I definitely should have double-checked the information.

  10. Michelle Webb

    I stopped watching a few seasons ago – it became quite monotonous for me, as I realised I was only watching it for the songs. The plot surely did become predictable, and it seemed as if the character representations were boxed into their stereotypical frameworks in which society expects these people to be. For example, the token black girl who is fierce and upfront; the sassy gay guy with stellar fashion sense; the jock who is trying to keep up with the lads; the mean blonde girl; the awkward asian… I’d rather watch something else. I think it’s goodbye for Glee.

  11. Marlena Matute

    I agree with many of the points you raised. Glee as an early concept was great and showed potential of becoming even greater during Season two with the introduction of new characters such as Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson. However, I feel that in its cheesiness and lack of focus (in terms of character development and story) has managed to follow in the same vein as Degrassi: The Next Generation which started to tackle issues such as homosexuality, sex, pregnancy, suicide and self harm with uncensored honesty and realistic optimism but later turned to recycling story lines becoming a bad teenage soap opera. Even the characters that you once found endearing from the original cast have become so unlikable that it becomes difficult to remain invested in the story. It is definitely time for the show to end.

  12. This show is full with unlikeable characters, when I ask my friends why they see it, they shake their heads and just they because. There is nothing real about it anymore, it doesn’t garner the same attention as it did before. It seems right to end the show now before it becomes truly awful.

  13. Though I’ve been a big fan of Glee since the start, I have to admit that I agree with most of the points in this article. Even in the first season, the show had an air of predictability, and at the end, I wondered what else they could possibly do to make the show fresh. I wish they had spaced out the excitement; I feel like that plays a big part in how long a show can actually survive in the public eye. One thing I do disagree with is the portrayal of gay characters. Though Kurt was the original and I believe that the writers could have toned down the stereotypes a bit with his character, later seasons introduced Blaine. Blaine is probably a more realistic and perhaps a more believable character than Kurt, for the most part. The same goes for the first lesbian couple on the show, Brittany and Santana–I think the two strayed away from the stereotype of a less-feminine lesbian and showed viewers that there isn’t just one look for homosexual people.

  14. PerkAlert

    I think you make a lot of good points in your article. Glee most definitely has taken a turn for the worse since it’s initial first season. However, I feel like there are still a few redeeming qualities to keep in mind as well (even if the bad outweighs the good). I for one really appreciate the music. Maybe I live under a rock, but I feel like Glee has exposed me to a lot of music that I might not have heard otherwise. The songs don’t necessarily hold the best educational value, but still I’ve come to appreciate so much more music since I started the show! Just a thought 🙂

  15. Your take on Glee was very eye-opening to me. I was a loyal fan of the show up until a few years ago. I do agree that it’s annoying how major story lines are resolved within a 2 minute duet, and that solutions to such serious issues seem to be so apparent and effortless. However, the show is a “dramedy” and it’s clear that the show strives to be both dramatic and comedic. Does it work? Questionable. As long as the ratings continue to be high until the series ends, it won’t be cancelled.. even with all of the ridiculous stereotypes.

  16. I sadly couldn’t agree more. Glee has had its run of fame and now it seems to be holding on by the threads of its coattails for the next school play. Glee was exciting and thrilling when it first hit the air but now it has been labeled to be controversial. It isn’t funny or cute anymore but more of redundant and unappetizing. It seems to be losing interest faster than American Idol but even that show is still around. Glee should close shop soon or else they will be facing some not so “gleeful” events.

  17. C-Miller

    Don’t want to be THAT commenter but, to be honest, Glee really helped me. It kind of became a base to what I should do in certain situations and I know I’m not the only person who feels that Glee has helped them in a way. I don’t know where I would be without it and I believe Ryan Murphy is catering to that too.

  18. Lauren Gabourel

    I gave up on Glee during season 3, but my sister started watching it again and man, does it suck! All the new characters are only outlines of real characters, they lack actual depth. Plus the way Murphy and crew drops and picks up stories lines is super annoying and leads to horrible story telling. This tendency makes it seem less like real life and more like everyone is just on a stage miming actual life.

  19. Glee started as incredibly forward thinking for primetime television, however that was quite a few years ago. Since then our standards have been raised and its time for something more progressive. On a side note, this show was made as a musical like show, which tends to cause it to be slightly cheesy and predictable only for the sake of keeping it family friendly, and able to tell the stories through popular songs.

  20. I can respect the author’s position regarding not creating more episodes of this program. It had a good run and was able to attempt to address some subjects that were touched on in the article. I thought, however, that the creative team dealt with each one as best it could. One needs to realize that writers and producers of episodic media are hampered in their creative process by behind the scenes influences and requirements. I would have thought more of this journalistic endeavor if rather than dwelling so much on what this overall program was not, the author would have also pointed out to readers some of the things the creators tried to do that were interesting, pushing the envelope and thought provoking too. This would have produced more equally rounded and balanced writing. Usually when an article is built on a negative premise, an author includes a statement about positive aspects too and how, despite them, it is not enough to keep a program on the air. Nothing was mentioned, for example, of the use of a minority actress to portray the Sandy character in the interpretation of the song Summer Nights from Grease. This marked a departure from the usually associated Caucasian performer representation as seen in the Broadway play and motion picture. The producers of Glee did tinker with the notion of increased racial inclusion and balance in their interpretations of songs throughout the entire series. The duet of the song Fire was also interesting because it was performed by a man and a woman, which I had not seen before. Previous interpretations, outside of the program, had either a man or women as the main singers. Also. The way Quinn’s character was written and presented after her car accident was well done and a positive point that would have aided in creating more article balance.
    To some up, Was the program perfect? No. Did it try things? Yes. If a contention is to be made that it should end, please, next time be more balanced in the presentation of the thesis.

    • Thank you for your constructive criticism. I really appreciate your feedback and I will definitely be using it to strengthen my writing and my posts in the future.

  21. Max Lin

    This show has definitely gone downhill from the darkly comedic underdog satire it was in season 1. Rachel Berry used to be reminiscent of Tracy Flick from Election. Now she’s just one of many bland marionettes in the cast (although the title should really go to Marley and Ryder). Even the “Here’s what you missed on Glee…” makes fun of poor plot/character decisions from the writers. If the show doesn’t believe in itself, why should anyone believe in it?

  22. I respect your position, and I actually completely agree with you on your points. I think the show recieved a lot of attention for inclusivity, but just having gay or transgender characters on Glee doesn’t mean they are making progress.

    That being said, I think the article could benefit from some more balancing points- how could they improve the show and get back on track? Would it take rewrites or a whole new cast? What do you think about the move to full-time New York?

    Either way, an enjoyable read for someone who isn’t a big fan of Glee!

    • Thank you for that piece of advice! I will definitely be sure to include more counter-arguments. I honestly don’t know how it slipped my mind while writing this article as I’ve done it time and time again for other writing I’ve done.

  23. I agree with all of these reasons. I used to be such a Glee advocate but in the past seasons, it has become work to watch. Hopefully, the writers are finding a way to change the lack-luster events in the upcoming season. I would hate to see something that started so good go to sh*t.

  24. Diana Chin

    I did enjoy watching Glee when it first started. But over the course of the time, I felt that most of the episodes were rehashed into different schemes. Or as I should mention, every different song for different occasions.

  25. I agree with you. I think for me the worst of it is the predictability. It was a great show because it subverted all of those great high school tv drama tropes, however they seem to be falling prey to tropes we didnt’ even know existed and never want to see again.

  26. alea209

    You definitely make some valid points but I do not think should be cancelled. While I do not watch the show faithfully, I happen to enjoy the humor in the show and, most of all, the singing. The actors happen to be amazingly talented and this is merely a means for them to showcase their talents. I could think of a handful of other tv shows a lot worse than Glee so as of now, I say it should remain on the air.

  27. Sadly, I must completely agree that Glee should be cancelled. I adored that show when it first appeared, but now I can’t even make myself sit through an episode. One of the things most disappointing to me is how the standard for their covers has just plummeted – it seems that every song sung now is a cookie cutter, auto-tuned sham that frankly is never as good as the original.

    I really like that you brought up their incompetence when dealing with serious issues. One of the most upsetting moments in the show for me was after Marley woke up, after passing out from not eating, and everyone proceeded to make fun of her bulimia and blame her for not keeping herself together. Absolutely ridiculous.

  28. As much as a Glee fan as I used to be, I agree that it is time to cancel the show. The characters have become increasingly unlikeable over the seasons. Especially with the new cast members, an increase in the size spreads the storylines too thin and decreases substance to the story arcs. It’s also unfortunate that Glee has been giving simple resolutions to episodes that contain serious topics. With its wider and younger audience base it is a missed chance to not bring up these topics to bring up more of a dialogue.

  29. your dislike of a show isn’t grounds for cancellation. losing money is, and Glee has done the polar opposite of that. i don’t watch it, i don’t have an opinion on it, i don’t really care for their covers. but keep in mind, that show is the reason for fun.’s breakout. We Are Young was featured on their show and it immediately began selling like hotcakes, which put it on the radio, which in turn brought their other songs to light and booked them for a tour until the end of eternity.

    i have no problem with Glee. they have their audience that doesn’t include me and that’s no reason for a show to be cancelled. your main/only argument against it comes down to bad writing.


    any TV show that focuses mostly on music, markets mostly to teenagers, airs on a major network, and runs longer than four years is going to have bad writing. get over it.

  30. allyc023

    I agree with many of your points and since I’m not a Glee watcher, I would not be affected by the cancelation. But that doesn’t mean this show doesn’t do something for those who are. While the show is predictable like you’ve mentioned, it also is bringing in money for the studio and actors, and continues to grow in popularity. This show is musically based about high school students and in reality there is only so much they can do without making it too unrealistic. Just because you aren’t a fan and don’t agree with the story line doesn’t mean this show should be canceled. As long as it’s still brining in viewers then in the tv world, that’s success enough for continuous showing.

  31. Santiago

    I have my personal issues with the show not being as good the last 2 seasons as it was the first 2 seasons but I still would have been sad if it had been canceled. Now, let’s cut out the high school and move the show to NY completely and I’ll be happy. The show doesn’t need the club or the high school to be called and embody the word GLEE.

  32. murphy’s shows always jump the shark
    nip tuck was a joke after a couple of years. and same with glee
    murphy would like to end it so he can devote time to American horror story

  33. Sonia Nichols

    This show was only cute the first few seasons… it should have ended already

  34. I was a big fan of Glee when it first premiered, but since the “original” cast graduated and went to college, I’ve been “hate watching” it. I agree that it’s overly cheesy, and the new characters are just not likeable. I would much prefer a spin-off focusing on the college years with the original cast members.

  35. Sadly I think the format still really does have potential but so many things let it down. The worst for me is how they just drop really important storylines. They have a responsibility to tackle serious issues properly, they definitely do not and it is really damaging. You can’t bring up a subject like suicide or eating disorders and then just drop it, that could be so dangerous for impressionable and struggling young people. It was irresponsible when Marley’s eating disordee suddenly disappeared, or when Unique was talking to Riley online and Riley wouldn’t speak to her after and it was never mentioned again. And what about Riley opening up about being abused and all the negative comments other characters made – no one really challenged them, not even the teacher and then it was never mentioned after that one episode.

  36. Jemarc Axinto

    I think Glee has a lot bad points to it. However, I think the primary reason why it should be cancelled beyond why it’s “bad” is the sheer amount of negative impressions it gives so many young viewers. I agree that the failure to resolve serious issues is problematic, but for more than just “cheesiness”

  37. Danny Cox

    I never looked at the show Glee with anything more than a lip-curling sneer for the exact sorts of reasons you mention as to why it should be canceled. Glee embodies everything I personally find to be epitomic of mind-numbing and useless television. Nice article, it was a good read for someone that doesn’t watch the show.

  38. I have a lot of issues with Glee, but I don’t really get where you’re coming from with the idea that Unique is frequently misgendered? Where has she been misgendered beyond a) when she was first introduced in Season 3 and her gender identity wasn’t yet clear, b) by Sue and Kitty, who are (or were, in Kitty’s case) the show’s VILLAIN(s), or c) in that storyline with Ryder where Ryder was clearly shown to be in the wrong? She made it clear that he didn’t get to call her whatever gender he wanted, and he was called a ‘douchebag’ by other kids in the room.

  39. Monique

    I hated Glee, then got sucked into, and now it drives me nuts but I never manage to get as far as telling the DVR to stop recording it. The music keeps pulling me back in — maybe every other ep or so they show me a different side to a song, which I appreciate. Also: Burt Hummel, who is magic and speaks Truth every time he’s onscreen.

    But everything you said is dead on. My personal pet peeve is the way they bring up these Very Special Episode topics and then drop them the second the ep’s done. Beist’s husband beat her, so she kicked him out — problem solved! No lingering issues of self-respect or PTSD, no examination of the underlying issues…

    It’s a show made up of unconnected moments (many of them horribly portrayed) not a show of continuity. That may be fine for a sit-com, but that’s not what Glee purports to be.

  40. Glee is overstaying it’s welcome on TV. We met the characters when they were young, grew up with them, laughed and cried with them..but now it’s time to move on. I feel as if the show is trying too hard to display every type of person, stereotype and situation that is possible. It’s causing too much unnecessary controversy.

  41. ryan murphy is fucking evil. season 1 got our attention, then he shoved the gay agenda down everyone’s throats. i don’t get it, gays make up like 2 percent of the national populace, yet all of us need to be educated and assimilated to their sensitivities. ya know i was waiting with baited breath to see a representation of androgynous black teens… i’m so thrilled that super fag kurt hummell is consistently victimized for being such a super fag coz ya know that’s every gay man’s struggle. this ‘show’ glorifies everything we should be abhorring as a society. and wtf, nobody strolls around harmonizing as a group without missing one lyric and without any need of rehearsal. GLEE IS GARBAGE and ryan murphy is a fucking devil. nip tuck, american horror… his body of work is gore and gay. stop feeding this beast, let’s put it down.

  42. You all seem to love crap.this sbow is absolute garbage and a perfect reflection of how stupid most humans have become.

  43. Shannon

    You are so wrong even if it is your opinion a lot of people love glee starting with me so keep that to yourself

    • Amanda Snow

      You are my favorite on this website right now. Glee was the best show on TV in my opinion. I feel sorry for Cory Monteith’s family and his girlfriend. And those other Jerks should quit making fun of the characters. Especially Rachel. And God Bless You

  44. Amanda Snow

    This website sucks!!! Don’t be total jerks to ANY of the characters on that show. Especially the one who lost her boyfriend in real life.

  45. Glee was received a reduced order on its final season and was stuck in Fox’s infamous Friday night “Kiss of Death/Fuck You Joss Whedon” time slot.

    It that wasn’t a karmic bitch slap to the show and its dwindling petty,catty douchebag fans, I don’t know what is!

  46. OKAY! Anybody who makes fun of gay people OR more importantly makes fun of a death of any kind are a bunch of assholes!!! That episode where Cory Monteith died broke my heart. I wanted to hug every single person on the show. Hmmm…guess I care better than you do

  47. I’m sick of hearing about “trans” people. It is everywhere now and it is ridiculous. I came here to hate on glee and you had to add something about it. There are only 2 sexes and just because you say you identify as something doesn’t make it real.

  48. Fraejya

    I found Glee ridiculous.Constantly throwing drinks in people’s faces and nothing is done by the staff.Sue Sylvester trashing things and nothing is done.The expensive sets for singing a song and costumes but they have to have a bake sale to get money.This is far fetched rubbish.Everyone is trying to hook up with each other….are there no other kids at the school to form relationships with?As for the cast,some of them do not pass for 16-18 years old,most of them look in their 30’s ,married with kids.I’m sad that our young people are subjected to such dribble.And why are all the gay men characters so stereotypical,mincing and prancing……not all gay men are like that.Another trivial thing,why are Shuester and Coach Sue in dance numbers with the kids?The kids are supposed to be the performers.Young people,you should be annoyed and disgusted that the writers and producers think you deserve this trash.You deserve a show that is entertaining as well as intelligently handling life’s situations.A song does NOT cure all problems.

  49. You had me at reason 4.

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