Jemarc Axinto

Jemarc Axinto

I graduated 2014 from St. Mary's College of Maryland with a Bachelor's in English and Theatre. I love all things art and I hope you love reading my work.

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Birdman: Just One More Like

An analysis of Birdman’s critique on society’s need to stay relevant and the delusions of grandeur that social media brings to the table.

  • I think this topic has the ability to expand beyond analysis of social media. Birdman also focuses on Riggan's struggle with his identity as an actor and a person. He is at conflict between artistic integrity and an ego trip on former triumphs (the Birdman character). – Ryan Errington 9 years ago
  • Great topic! The article, however, could delve into some of the movie's bigger themes about sociopathic tendencies, envy over other actor's careers, and the performer's longing desire to remain popular for extended periods. – Thomas Munday 9 years ago
  • This is a great idea for an article! I like Ryan's idea of discussing artistic integrity vs. commercialized success. Riggan seems to be stuck in this paradox where he desires to remain relevant in a world that he also wishes to escape; we see desire to escape through his Birdman fantasies and through his suicide attempts. – ekeating 9 years ago
Write this topic

YouTube as a source of talent searches: the influx of new musicians discovered on YouTube and how it happen

An analysis of Youtube’s influence of rising stars as well as their decision to cancel accounts for independent artists.

  • Jemarc, this is great. I was just in a conversation where people were talking about this topic. I could not add to much to the conversation but would like to see an article by someone who knows this subject matter so I will be a little more educated and there are probably others out there like me. So great idea! – Venus Echos 9 years ago
  • Jemarc- I know that this isn't exactly on your topic, but it relates. A contestant on the most recent season of Survivor (Survivor 30) was cast because of his viral video on YouTube. This video was of him and his wife dancing at a gas station. My point is that it would be interesting to see how viral videos can create avenues for fame or success. – bookworm2g9 9 years ago

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Latest Comments

Jemarc Axinto

Would love to read an article by you breaking it all down, that sounds like a fantastic take on the series!

Love in Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto
Jemarc Axinto

A bit late, but finally watched this movie with my friends and I absolutely LOVE it’s depiction of mental illness. In particular I love how her son is not allowed to see the Babadook until he is older because he needs to be at an age to fully understand and comprehend what they’re dealing with. Particularly, what she is dealing with.

Mental Illness and 'The Babadook'
Jemarc Axinto


You certainly know how to bring back the nostalgia. I had no idea the show took so much of its art style from other ainme and was so similar to other Anime as well.

That being said, the original three seasons (and the season with DIgimon Savers) are my favorites. Ranked 1, 3, 5, 2.

Xros wars is okay, I still would rate it higher than the 4th season.

Digimon: Analyzing the Impact of the Monster Franchise
Jemarc Axinto

I feel that terrifying is a bit strong. That being said, I do find it fascinating that Yugioh (and cartoons in general) are used as a medium to translate deeper thematic elements to life.

I do find it ridiculous that Yugioh manages to pull a win for the most ridiculous circumstances ever, but that is for another time. Great work on the article.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Terrifying or Inspiring?
Jemarc Axinto

Three cheers for more positive and well-made female superhero films. The comic industry is certainly full of a LOT of misogyny and my hope is that this move (one small step…) will be a huge driving force in changing that. Great article!

The Female Superhero: A New Age of Superhero Movies
Jemarc Axinto

The comic-esque artstyle is definitely what drew me to the show in the first place. Good job on the article!

Danny Phantom: The True Motion Comic
Jemarc Axinto

I am hoping that Episode VII is everything I dream of it becoming. I’m guilty of not being well-versed in the EU but I thank you for the article. Your love of Star Wars is apparent and quite helpful :).

Star Wars Episode VII: A New Plot Theory
Jemarc Axinto

I absolutely love this show and the impact it had on my college years was grand. That being said, the sheer lack of financial hardships (I mean, an apartment that nice and they didn’t have to pay utilities?) did frustrate me at times. Great article!

How I Met Your Mother: Are We All Living A Boring Life?