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Popularity of The Purge Movies

The Purge Movies (The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy, and The Purge: Election Year) are a collection of dystopian horror films that have drawn in millions of viewers. Analyze the popularity of the films and relate them to today’s reality (the US government, government officials, corrupt leaders, etc.) Discuss the fantasy that the films illustrate and why they are so popular in today’s society.

  • I think people find so much interest in the Purge movies because they present a legitimately plausible dystopic future. The Hunger Games could be a nice comparison. Although "it could happen" too, there are a lot more steps that would need to be taken. Is the Purge more realistic than most other American dystopias? – Slaidey 8 years ago
  • I think this is a very interesting topic. It would be even more so if you could address the link between the opposing components of American culture of "law and order" and "breaking the law". Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn both wrote a lot about law and justice conflicting and anarchism. How does this translate into the popularity of The Purge? Are these movies's popularity symptomatic of a wind of rebellion? Why does society opposes anarchism so much, and yet loves these movies? There is something really interesting to do with this idea. – Léandre Larouche 8 years ago
  • I believe that society; well American society has become so addicted to this survivor of the fittest ideology that if you are not fit to survive you are just a waste. I am slowly starting to see more Tv shows and movies portray this idea that everyone needs to get into fighting shape. For instance The Walking Dead. This show is produced by AMC, although like every other zombie/ virus movie this show truly teaches to the value of keeping in shape and illustrating the importance of knowing how to survive. – Karolyn11 8 years ago