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How the Twilight Zone changed Horror and Science Fiction

Rod Serling’s classic anthology series can still be recognized by many people over 50 years later. This series about the strange, supernatural, and the macabre had a huge impact on the way we create television shows and how to tell them. With anthology series making a come back I think its important to look back at the creation of the show, its many setbacks and revivals, and what the future is for Twilight Zones and shows it inspired.

  • A couple of similar shows to consider would be The Outer Limits and Black Mirror. The Outer Limits being a show that premiered shortly after the Twilight Zone and Black Mirror being a contemporary show on Netflix having just recently released its third season exemplify the huge reach and influence The Twilight Zone has had over the years. It would be really interesting to see just how many Twilight Zone-inspired shows there have been over the past 50+ years and when they were most prevalent. – JustinBakie 7 years ago