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Time Runs Strangely: An Exploration of Idenity

A discussion of how a character’s perspective on time influences their identity.

Some films to consider: Mr. Nobody (time and memory woven and re-runable), The Time Traveler’s Wife (time as uncontrollable), Kate and Leopold (does ones place in time impact their identity?), Age of Adeline (the effect of aging differently), About Time (how does taking control of time impact the Characters?), and In time (Time as a limited commodity). For fun a whimsical look at the new Alice Through the Looking Glass could also be interesting.


    When do you write the most?

    Different people prefer to write at different times of the day and night, and many believe that they write better or for longer during these hours. Explain if you think this belief is valid or not and if there is any particular part of the day you prefer to write in? Are you a early morning writer or do prefer to write in the afternoon? Are you an evening writer or do you write long into the night? What times do you write the most or the best? AM or PM, explain when and why you write the most then, and if you think writing at this time makes any difference.

    • I always find that I write best late at night. I don't know why, but come late afternoon/evening, I'm the most creatively inspired. I think some people just function differently and are stimulated in different ways, at different times. I think the author of this article might want to consider the psychological aspect of time/environment in creative inspiration, as that's probably the most fact-based perspective to take on this topic. – Christina 9 years ago
    • You could also consider length of time in relation to time of day to see if there are any correlations - can you write for long sittings at night, but only short ones in the morning? – kathleensumpton 9 years ago
    • I usually find myself writing better later at night. Consider exploring the relationship between the factors affecting creativity at different times of day. A factor that could affect one's creativity levels in the morning might be that in the morning they drink coffee, etc. – mfazeka 9 years ago
    • Perhaps some statistics could be made with what people say from these notes. I often hear people write more/better at night, this may be linked to that period just before you fall asleep. You suddenly think of an amazing idea and you just have to make a note of it. This could be because that as you are preparing for sleep your brain becomes more relaxed and more creative ideas seem to flow better. Anyway, I always write between 12pm and 10pm. I don't like writing when I'm tired and I always have lunch/breakfast (depending on when I wake up...) before I start. – Jamie White 9 years ago
    • This article sheds light on how fame or public recognition does not measure or define the quality of ones work or contribution to society. It’s a shame Gil Scott Heron was not more recognized for his work but your article and more articles of this nature will help his brilliance and talent live on. – arton30th 9 years ago
    • I find that I write better at night, and that's just how I have always been. I've been an avid reader every since I was a child, and many times I spent the entire night reading under my covers. And I feel like because of this, it has caused me to like writing at night. That's just when I feel most creative because I think about a lot of things. I've always considered myself a night owl, so that makes a difference too. I definitely think that different people write at different times. Every person has to find creativity in their own way, and for some that means writing in the morning for others that means writing at night. – diehlsam 9 years ago