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Transfeminine Representation in Anime

An analysis of various representations of transgender women found in Anime. What worked, what didn’t, and what made people go "eh, good enough."

The article might specifically bring up the prevalence of characters who are addressed with he/him pronouns by other characters but still refer to themselves as women (IE: Hibari Ōzora from "Stop!!! Hibari-Kun!" or Grell Sutcliff from "Black Butler"), or characters who are referred to as ‘crossdressers’ (Ryoji Fujioka from "Ouran Host Club" or Chihiro Fujisaki from "Danganronpa"). It can discuss where these characters are harmful or helpful.

It could also discuss characters who are canonically, unambiguously trans women (such as Lily Hoshikawa from "Zombieland Saga") and how well or poorly that representation is handled.

Other discussion points might be the context of which these characters are included, how impactful they are on the plot, whether their portrayal is sympathetic or predatory, and why these portrayals occur.

  • How do you define "what worked, what didn't, and what made people go "eh, good enough.""? Do you think this would be the same as stereotyping transgender women in Anime? – Ka Man Chung 3 years ago
  • Grell is a very strange character in a very strange series. By any chance, are you going to bring up Nitori from Wandering Son? – OkaNaimo0819 3 years ago
  • I haven't watched Wonder Egg Priority (and don't plan on doing so), but I've heard there's a bit of good representation for trans characters. I know there's a canon trans boy, and I believe Momoe is a gender-nonconforming trans girl? I think there's something to be said about trans representation that doesn't adhere to strict gendered fashion or dress (all good things). I believe Momoe is regarded as good trans girl representation but I could be wrong. – Alyss 3 years ago
  • I would love to read this article! I have watched Wonder Egg Priority and I want to point out that Momoe is not a trans-girl (or at least not yet canonically stated as such), but a girl who struggles with her feminity due to being mistaken as a boy. However, Momoe meets Kaworu, a canonically trans boy, who helps her come to terms with her gender struggles. Also Magne from My Hero Academic is a transwoman and Tiger is a transman. – cyborgtheory 3 years ago