Teaching video game "form & theory" at the university level

We cannot deny the impact that video games have made and continue to make on our popular culture. Consider the evolution of the gaming industry. How, in fact, has it evolved? How has it become more mainstream? What do video games offer us emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically? What can we learn from video games that we can apply to every day life, as well as in our intellectual and educational pursuits? After analyzing these factors, consider how (and perhaps, if) video games should be taught, possibly someday at a university level. What universities might already do this, and how do these courses operate? How are they taught? What do they offer?

  • While I (a professor) haven't taught a full class dedicated to video games, I have included them in my lessons. I would love to see a full pedagogical article dedicated to this topic. It would be strongest if the author has, in fact, taught the topic or is a teacher at a college level than if the article were written in hypotheticals. – Christen Mandracchia 5 years ago
  • My university (University of Waterloo) actually has a course called game studies at a bachelor and masters level. We have tons of digit media rated course and have even sponsored a critical media that deals with gamification, video game studies, and digital theories, etc. The critic media lab actually has a virtual reality lab that even look at gamification in a sense of training (for instance VR training for surgeons, firefighters, etc.) Curiously, bachelor's, masters, and Ph.D options for the digital media stream are all under the English Language and Literature umbrella. – Mela 4 years ago
  • @Mela I sure wish my university had a course like that! – Christina Legler 4 years ago

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