Will the rise of technology in gaming have a harmful effect on our youth?

Given that games and technology are never going away, and are only going to get more refined. How will the rising rate of technology have a harmful effect on our youth?

  • This is an interesting topic. There is an article about whether watching Video Games promotes violence, so I would try to deviate from video games and focus on use of social media. Apparently the literature says there are mixed results on whether it is harmful, so highlighting the deviant opinions would be worthwhile. – Jordan 9 years ago
  • Great topic, what are some examples you see of how technology could be harmful? I would add more questions to lengthen your argument. – emilyinmannyc 9 years ago
  • My biggest issue with video games is the death of creativity in youth. I think that other forms of entertainment force people to think about the morals/issues brought up by a story. While playing games it's often times easy to overlook the stories in order to hurry to the next level or get the best gear. Younger people obsessed with video games become so bored when they are no longer playing them. They seem incapable of inventing ways to stay entertained outside of what's designed by the game industry. – Tatijana 9 years ago

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