The animals that inspired their work

It is a fairly well accepted concept that many artists and authors have used the animals around them as inspiration. For some it comes from the animal beside the heath, the pet that enriches the household. Others, such as Beatrix Potter, are known for embracing the wildness and the animals that inhabit the land. In some cases the animals involved are even considered to be humanising influences – an animal connection that keeps them grounded.

The suggestion for this article would be a look at the influence of animals on art and literature. This could be taken further to include the symbolic and allegorical role of animals, or it could focus on the anthropomorphic inclusions in their art. Or it could simply be a broader follow on from ‘The truth about cats and artists.’

  • I think an interesting way to go with this could be to broaden the argument to even encompass academia- for example, Derrida has several pieces that are inspired by, and even mention, his cat and "the gaze of the animal." Animal philosophy could be a particularly good place to start with an endeavor like this one. – ees 6 years ago
  • I don't see the use of animals in fiction as having any limitations at all. Animals can be sources of inspiration, allegorical, symbolic, or archetypal--and many other things beyond that. I still remember reading "Watership Down" and being enthralled by the heroic and daring exploits of... rabbits. – WILLIAMLAURANCE 6 years ago

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