The appeal of an anti-hero and should they be idolized?

Is it because they’re more human than the traditional hero (see: Captain America, Superman, any character who is Inherently Good and Morally Right). There are studies that have shown that people like to watch/read about characters who are on good moral high ground, that they feel elevated by this. So then, why are characters like Deadpool, Loki, Severus Snape, Robin Hood–even Jack Sparrow–so popular? Are they easier to relate to? Should they be idolized, as may be seen with the more traditional heroes?

  • in many ways the anti-hero is often idolized for their ability to make their own rules. opposing the traditional hero, who is bound by moral imperatives set by society which may often weaken them or cause them mental/emotional anguish, the anti-hero is often shown as disregarding the social/moral law in favor of their own rules. Friedrich Nietzsche and Plato write about this phenomena quite a bit, their work may provide a nice starting point for anyone who chooses this topic. – ees 6 years ago
  • There's too many 'superheros' these days, who wouldn't want to be a villain or anti hero, they can sometimes be more relatable. Even though we all love a good hero as they can depict the good in the world, even hero's have their problems and anti heros or villains more or less are truthful about those demons which in my opinion is more entertaining I have recently started to watch Gotham and the young Joker character played by Cameron Monaghan is so inspiring to be, as a hopeful writer and lover of film and television, he is a villain and evil but he has such profound emotions and the actor makes you feel like his feelings are real even though he is portraying a character – ambermakx 6 years ago

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