The art of Calligraphy

With the video of Master Penman Jake Weidmann making its rounds on the internet, the art of calligraphy is enjoying a very moderate resurgence of interest. Why have we abandoned this art form? Is it even relevant in a day and age when computers can reproduce any form of script, in any size for any occasion on any type of paper? Can calligraphy or any form of artistic writing provide a substantial benefit for modern society and if so, should "we" reconsider teaching such forms of writing in schools?

  • I think Jake Weidmann gets more recognition because he uses his calligraphy in art. Calligraphy in it's rawest form has nothing to do with the intricate ink animals and designs be adds to the text, so that does make him a master penman as is his medium but I doubt any of the other master calligraphers extend their skill beyond text; Jake is an artist. It would be great if this article explored which he is best described as, and the difference between regular penmen, how to make a living from and what do they even do? – Slaidey 8 years ago

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