The benefits of being a writer

Writing is a passion with so many drawbacks- Writers block, constantly thinking of ideas, dealing with rejection and failure. So what makes us continue? There are many reasons, such as wanting to tell an important story, wanting to show commitment and dedication to a hobby and wanting to get published.
For many, its a way to gain self-appreciation and satisfaction. By demonstrating to yourself that you can commit to a task for many months, it’s like the literary equivalent of running a marathon.
For others, it’s about proving a talent to the world. It’s about declaring ‘I’ve got something to say and I’m going to say it’.
Regardless of the limitations of being a writer, the benefits outweigh the negatives.

  • I agree with everything you have said. I also think that we continue to write to express our thoughts and opinions and to jot down our experiences. Some also write as a way to escape from reality, there troubles and worries. It is therapeutic I suppose for some. In regards to your last statement, if you love writing with a passion the benefits will always outweigh the negatives because you love it so much. – claraaa 7 years ago
  • I see the point about all the negative aspects of writing, whether for work or for hobby. I suppose in my case, the human mind has such endless and boundless capacity for creativity that writing is only one way for expression of that creativity, others being dance, song, painting. In the end, the writer is the 'prophet' of what so many people overlook. The writer is not much different than a teacher because a teacher has the motivation and ability to impart valuable words unto the right people. People have been writing things down since the earliest times. My curiosity is constantly piqued by what others create and the form in which it is expressed. – lofreire 7 years ago
  • I totally agree with this. I think writing is an art and it is challenging to continue. I sometimes find it discouraging when I am out of ideas or when other people's writing are better than mine. However, what keeps me going is that writing is a way for me to express myself. It also helps me get my thoughts. Another beautiful thing about writing is that it can be kept and you can always go back to it. It almost preserves how you once thought or felt. It is fun to read things you have written several years back and see how you've grown. – birdienumnum17 7 years ago
  • I think we all have our own reasons for writing, even if we know we probably won't be the next big thing. Yes, rejection is a toughie and I have enough rejection slips to wallpaper my bathroom (OK, it is a very small bathroom), but my attitude to rejections is chalk it up to experience and keep slogging away regardless. I write as a hobby, to express myself and to explore some of the weird ideas that bubble to the surface from whatever dark corner of my mind they were previously lurking in. For instance, I recently underwent an operation to remove a cancerous growth from my bowel, but my gallows sense of humour kicked in almost as soon as I left the recovery area - because the doctor who operated on me was named Dr.Disney. Honestly, you can't make these things up! A few frantic scribblings later and I've got the beginnings of a black humored comedy sketch that might lead to something...or it'll sit on my hard drive until I find a way to use it. Whatever the case, at least I have a short character study that might well pop up in something else I write. Benefits definitely outweigh the negatives and we write because we need to write in much the same way as a musician, poet, painter or film maker follows their passion. The creative side of humanity is our best feature and it should be nourished in all of us. – Amyus 7 years ago
  • All of these comments are exactly what I had in mind- The individual thoughts and experiences of each person are unique and different and this topic can really embody that. It's also refreshing to hear that we have all had moments of rejection and disappointment (and even though most of us try to brush it off and say 'it makes us better writers-which is true- Rejection is AWFUL!). – Courtney 7 years ago
  • I agree with what you have said, along with the notes posted. It is interesting to think about, why writers continue their passion although there are many drawbacks. Most of my pieces of writing are to jot down experiences in a more literary form, however, I completely agree that there are many different reasons why people like to write. But that is like any other form of hobby or career, the reason why people choose them and continue to evolve with them are endless! The benefits definitely outweigh the negatives as a writer. – caitlinm 7 years ago
  • I agree. Writing as a medium has evolved and become extremely accessible due to the other existence of other mediums. Even in this site, with the possible exception of the arts (i.e. sculpture, painting, etc.) and gaming (which depends on the games that are being talked about), all of the mediums are partially what they are thanks to strong writers contributing to the projects. Writing is not only a healthy way to vent and express opinions, especially for those of us who are more introverted and/or shy, but it gives people an opportunity to experience working in several creative industries. I think the endless possibilities ultimately make up the beauty of this hobby that we all have. – mrheckleton 7 years ago
  • Writing helps me to clear my mind and put out things and ideas whivh would not have been able to in the course of any conversation. It is a basic right of my freedom and something which has even been proven to be psychologically benefecial. – Vishnu Unnithan 7 years ago

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