The Book vs The TV Show

In this technological age…new books are being streamed out alongside movies and TV shows. How can we persuade the new generation to read rather than just seeing the show? Especially supporting the struggling readers when the books could be more than 400 pages long…

Examples that could be included…
Game of Thrones
The Mortal Instruments
Hunger Games
Harry Potter

  • Since so much has been written in this area already, I'd stress the importance of finding a new angle on it, and a non-partisan one in particular. There are so many contributing factors when it comes to film adaptations, it might be an interesting idea to pick a narrower lens - for instance market over-saturation, or the difference between book adaptations of shows as opposed to tv show/movie adaptations of books. – Cat 7 years ago
  • In my experiences I have always found the book to be more enjoyable. The reason for this being they have so much more freedom to write the story exactly as they envision it to play out. It can be as long or as short as they like. In the TV show, they are restricted with what content they are allowed to air. There are also time constraints resulting from trying to fit everything into a half hour time slot. Important storylines are often cut to make way for the sake of fitting the time limit. The TV show is still cool to see the book come to life, it will just never be able to match the book for quality. – JoshuaFtk 7 years ago
  • You should also probably take into account visual achievements which were much better than the original writeups themselves. Case in point being Band of Brothers, Drive and Fight Club to name a few. – Vishnu Unnithan 7 years ago
  • The books serve a purpose which movies cannot. Obviously, for the upcoming generation, the impatient ones will go for a movie and the creative ones shall opt for a book. Regardless of the fact that there would have been no movies without the books. The words let you imagine and make a world of your own. They get into your instincts and sometimes you live those characters. You learn a lot from them and you try to imitate their character rather than something worthless shown on silver screen. Movies mould the actual meaning and one tends to just develop a scenerio which is displayed rather than applying his/her own mind. Words let you fly whereas movies restrict your thoughts. – vipulmanuja 7 years ago

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