The Continued Rise of Superhero Shows

With Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Agents of SHIELD currently on the air and with more in development, analyze what is making the superhero genre attractive for TV. Discuss the difference in viewers between shows and networks and if that is a hindrance to some of the programs.

  • I think Daredevil is the perfect example of a superhero show because it doesn't/hasn't yet overcomplicated things by trying to merge with other series' plotlines. I am finding it difficult to muster enthusiasm to get into Arrow, The Flash etc. because it just seems such a hefty commitment. – CalvinLaw 8 years ago
  • i completely agree with the above comment, i watch them all, but you have to start from the beginning or else you'll probably be lost. the flash and arrow are huge commitments! also, Gotham you can't forget about Gotham. That show is marvelous, and really proves what a really good superhero show can do. – scoleman 8 years ago
  • I think that this is a good topic. To elaborate on what could be discussed, I think it would also be interesting to hear if the crossovers between shows would be ideal and encouraged. If so, should the networks do them more often? One of the shows on the rise is Legends of Tomorrow, which from my understanding is almost entirely taking characters from Flash and Arrow and combining them into a team. Good or bad idea? – Danny Phantom 8 years ago
  • One thing that I like about superhero shows is the antihero. For example, Oliver Queen. He's not your typical, do-good superhero we often see. He's willing to kill people if it comes to it, something not every superhero is okay with. I like the darker side of superheroes. Another new superhero show that's taken over is Jessica Jones. She's also not your traditional hero and she's a badass. The show is dark yet the plot isn't over complicated and easy to follow along. You're always rooting for her. Gotham is another good show, also. – diehlsam 8 years ago

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