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    Disney Princesses and Progression

    With equality and the rise of awareness of the LGBTQIA, is Disney heading in the right direction with their films? Should their next princess be part of that, and how would that affect their supporters? Or maybe it’s time for the first Disney Prince movie?

    • What's an example of a princess who is "getting better" so to speak? Or is your topic just saying that they should get better? – Tatijana 9 years ago
    • Oh, interesting! I think 'Mulan' would be a good starting point here, the tale of a girl disguising self as a man and flourishing in a man's role. – CalvinLaw 9 years ago
    • Your last question is provocative. My first instinct was "No, it's little girls that are the primary audience for Disney films!", but then realized that perhaps that's because there are no Disney Prince films. – Katheryn 8 years ago

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    Working at a movie theater, it was very interesting to see that we still had Frozen 6 MONTHS after it came out (typically a movie is in the theater around a month, 2 if it’s good, 3 if its REALLY good). What was more surprising was that it was still filling up half a theater, when it had come out on DVD! People were paying overpriced tickets just to see it on the big screen.
    What made everyone so intrigued in my opinion was the trailer. It showed NOTHING of the story. Just 2 characters, which turned out not even to be the main characters. That drew peoples attention.

    Why is Disney Overemphasizing Frozen?

    As an avid Pokemon fan 16 years in the running, I enjoy how fans make these, and I love the fakemon concept art all over the internet. However, I’m super judgemental when it comes to them. Since real pokemon can be cool or not cool, I hold high expectations when looking at the fakemon. It would be cool to create some fakemon for one of the MODs oneday.

    Pokémon: The Unique Experience of Fan-Made Games

    I think that not straying too far from the original source material is still important. However, I think if the movie production involve’s the authors in the creative process and the author is pitched an idea and they like it, then by all means go with it. Reimagining something is a different artist’s perspective and should be encouraged.
    One thing I always think of is Marry Poppins. After seeing Saving Mr. Banks, I was saddened by the story. Disney still went against the original author’s wishes. She was a bit reluctant, but I could see why she didn’t like some of his choices. Making the wife a suffragette wasn’t necessary. But that is just my take on it I would love to hear other’s thoughts.
    But I think this applies to anything adapted, not just books. One of the most infamous movies possibly ever is M. Night Shamalamaladingdong’s The Last Airbender. Not a book, but a TV show adaptation. However his interpretation was renaming every character, and skipping too many points and story arcs that the original show had. Granted, it is hard to take an entire season of a show and put it into 2 hours, but there was a better way. What’s worse is that in an interview he stood by all of his choices, despite how upset he made fans, and how bad the reviews were. There HAS to be respect for the original source material.

    How 'By the Book' Should Literary Adaptations Be?

    provide some specifics. Awesome name btw

    Supernatural: Just Another Shapeshifter of Shows?

    My friend recommended this show to me about 3 years ago. I was skeptical and had never really heard of the show. I tried it, and needless to say I binged the first 5 seasons in a few months. After that, some of the seasons aren’t as good. So far season 11 is good! I would recommend!

    Supernatural: Just Another Shapeshifter of Shows?