The "Cosmology" of the Works of Stephen King

A deeper analysis of the comprehensive mythology that underscores Stephen King’s works. What does King have to say (implicitly or otherwise) about good/evil, God, the nature of the universe, etc

  • This sounds really interesting. Are there specific example that can be given? – LaRose 8 years ago
  • Pet Cemetery, Carrie, The Langoliers all deal with good/evil and humanity interacting with uncertainties of the universe. PC and Carrie have more divine implications, while The Langoliers deals with the science fiction side of the idea. I am missing a few which could be argued with both sides, but those are some ideas. – C N Williamson 8 years ago
  • The Gunslinger, the first book in the dark tower series, definitely deals with these themes as well, and King considers these books his best work – Thomas Sutton 8 years ago

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