The Culture of Binge-Watching and Its Effect on Writing

Discuss how binge-watching (or show runners’ anticipation that that is how their product will be consumed) impacts the quality of writing in television shows. This can be positive or negative. For example (SPOILER ALERT for The Walking Dead) the controversy surrounding the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead was explained away by some as the show runners anticipating that future viewers who binge watched the series will have the Season 7 premier (and thus the cliffhanger’s resolution) right at their fingertips, thereby making the finale much less objectionable.

  • The shows Netflix produces can be analyzed and part of this, as Netflix releases whole seasons at a time rather than an episode weekly. – LaRose 8 years ago
  • One aspect a writer has to be mindful when creating a show that has the potential to be binged is keeping the story lines straight. Especially, when giving backstory because the view has access to all the shows and can catch an error quickly and can cite that error with ease. – Venus Echos 8 years ago
  • Maybe say something about how we as viewers have changed, too. Twenty years ago, the TV told us when we could watch, and what we could watch. Now we have almost everything at our fingertips. What effect has this had on us as consumers? – J.P. Shiel 8 years ago
  • Could you change the title to "The Culture of Binge Watching and the Effects on Screenwriting? Just a thought. – Munjeera 8 years ago

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