The differences between the DC and Marvel cinematic Universes and why we care so much

Since the two companies became huge competitors in the comic book industry, DC and Marvel have split fandoms and caused many heated debates among their followings. Why is this? Why do people swear that Zach Snyder films are terrible and say Superman is a boring character, and than praise the Marvel movies? Are there biases involved? Do DC movies simply not put enough jokes in them? Why all the hate? And is there any hope that it will be acceptable to enjoy DC movies as well as marvel movies? I would like the person who picks this topic up to discover first the differences between these two franchises, and then talk about how these differences play out into the Cinematic Universes.

  • You wrote: "Do DC movies simply not put enough jokes in them?" Maybe it's not just the presence/absence of jokes but rather the type of humor used? For me, there's definitely a streak of camp and self-awareness in many of the Marvel movies that is not present in the DC movies. – JamesBKelley 7 years ago
  • Shazam was a good attempt from DC. Can we expect to have more of the same in the Snyder cut? – Dr. Vishnu Unnithan 4 years ago
  • Titanic and unnecessary project. – T. Palomino 2 years ago

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