The Disney Resurgence

With so many live-action remakes of classic Disney films, from the recently released (Maleficent, Cinderella, Pan) to the upcoming (The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo) which ones work/will work and which won’t? Is it possible to recapture the magic of the cartoons, or are some too outdated for a modern audience? What should filmmakers change or keep the same?

  • Something you might want to consider beyond just the Disney aspect is that most of these were stories/folktales before they were produced by Disney. Maybe include something about how much of the original material is lost when it goes from a story to an animated film to a live-action film? Something to consider when there is even older source material. – Connor 7 years ago
  • I feel like a big reason why Disney is able to pull off making classic, animated films into live-action movies is because of the more recent trends that people have shown interest in. For instance, a lot of the live-action movies Disney is coming out with remain in touch with the original stories created by the Brothers Grimm...meaning that the movies have a darker feel to them. I believe that, currently, society is intrigued by this genre, and that's why Disney is able to take classic films and turn them into live-action remakes. – Dominic Sceski 7 years ago
  • I think an article like this could really find an audience. It could touch upon the success of Cinderella and the critically panned Pan, but I agree that it could extend far past just Disney. It could also be interesting to be up the resurgence in new animated films. With live action remakes coming out, we're still getting "original" animated films. – Austin Bender 7 years ago
  • Just a reminder-- Pan is a Warner Brothers film. – Candice Evenson 7 years ago
  • I wanted to add that there might be a more aesthetically-motivated element behind the recent surge in Disney live-action remakes. Since Alice in Wonderland, one of the first remakes to come out in the 2010s, each of the films have been overflowing with lavish costumes, artwork and special effects. I think that while the beauty of the original 2-D films will never be replaceable, there is a tempting desire for many people to see what the characters and settings would look like transferred to a more realistic medium. Moreover, Disney live-action may not exactly reproduce the concept or appeal of the original, but I feel it certainly has its own kind of magic to share. – ad5na 7 years ago

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