The Emphasis of Violence in Anime

Analyze what the effect of gore and violence cause in anime, and how it improves or degrades plot. Is gore and violence merely a visual appeal or is there more meaning to it. An example from a film is Quinten Tarantino’s "Reservoir Dogs." He mentions in an interview that he wanted to emphasize the violence in his film so that it’s realistic and in your face, so that it has the effect of being spontaneous. Anime that could be considered for this topic could be Parasyte, Deadman Wonderland, or Attack on Titan.

  • I like this topic, and would like to add few more animes to the case studies. Definitely take a look at Devil Man by Go Nagai. Nagai's work has been tremendously influential, especially when it comes to sex and violence in manga and anime. It would be an example worth studying. – idleric 7 years ago
  • Effect of violence is a two sided coin....while it can enhance the viewing by providing exhilarating action sequences,it can also distract the viewer by offsetting them or affecting the tone . violence done right should be a plot point rather than simply being a sort of fan service . – Akash 7 years ago
  • An example of violence done right is Hellsing Ultimate in my opinion. In a world full of sexual violence, warmongering, deceit, corruption, bigotry and sacrifice, the excessive gore and blood does not distract viewers but rather serves as a visual representation of the cruelty of the world. – AUSOtaku 7 years ago

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