The Ethics Behind Downloadable Content in Videogames. When Should We Draw the Line on Excessive Pricing?

With recent game releases such as "Starwars Battlefront," a lot of gamers are frustrated with the lack of content on the base, $60 game, with most content locked away behind an additional $50 price tag. While some DLC can add a lot to a game, such as extra story missions in the "Borderlands" series or new playable characters in "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS," other DLC feels like the developers are just showing their inner greed (ex. downloadable content that is almost crucial to understanding the game’s full story.) Explore the ethical issues when developers, almost intentionally, leave games unfinished and devoid of content. When does DLC become less of a "reward" for players looking for more content and more of a quick, money-making business scheme?

  • (Make sure to capitalize the words in the title). I think this is a really interesting and relevant topic. It could also be interesting to talk about what the cause of the trend toward including DLC is, and why its becoming so omnipresent. – Null 8 years ago
  • I don't view this as an ethical issue, as both parties are using their free exercise to create video game content, and to purchase that content (or not in either case). I see this more as a question of motives for creating content. – JDJankowski 8 years ago

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