The Evolution of Action films in a Post-9/11 World

9/11 drastically changed the action genre, which was previously filled with the blowing up of beloved buildings and terrorist attacks. Talk about how 9/11 changed the genre, how it evolved to fit a changing world, and if you believe we’ll ever return to a world reminiscent of Roland Emmerich’s "Independence Day"

  • This is fascinating. I would love to both read and write under this topic. It be especially interesting to consider films that in some way reference 9/11, either directly or with some kind of tribute (and equally interesting to consider those that do not). – badaster 5 years ago
  • An interesting topic. Probably the way to address it is to compare several movies that covered terrorist attacks prior to 9/11 with changes after 9/11. But probably also in looking at post-9/11 movies would be the need to see how they were received at the box office. – Joseph Cernik 5 years ago
  • Some movies give a tribute to 9/11 by making the movie about those on one of the planes that were terrorized that day. Other movies pay a tribute to 9/11 in a less obvious way by making their movie less about the blowing up of buildings and terrorist attacks and more about the bringing of people together within a nation for the common good. But still both types of movies pay a great tribute to the memory of 9/11. – autenarocks 5 years ago

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