The Fight to Experience in Today's Society

Discuss how young adults are addicted to the instant gratification of texting and being on the internet and how this leads to the failure of engaging in more meaningful activities in the real world, such as reading, writing and creating.

  • This is far too general of a topic IMO. It's a good subject though. You're implying all young adults everywhere suffer from an addiction, which is a serious medical ailment. Read between the lines on this subject. Numerous people have written about the lack of solitary time (me time, thinking time, alone time, etc.) that has arrived since social media and quick and easy asynchronous communication technologies like SMS. The topic could be edited to add to this discourse perhaps? Either way you should edit this topic so a writer does not add to the millions of articles out there demonizing technology, addiction, and young adults. – Aaron 8 years ago
  • I agree with Aaron that your topic should specify that not all young adults suffer from this addiction. Those who do also feel it in different intensities. Some people develop severe anxiety while others just get a little restless. I am strongly against our continual technology worshiping, but it would make your text stronger, I think, to include a bit of both worlds. I'm very interested in reading more about this topic. – Alstroemeria 8 years ago
  • Following Aaron's and Alstromeria's suggestions, I would narrow it down to the fact that we don't deal with emotions because we distract ourselves with the internet. I would recommend watching "Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones" and use his thesis as a starting point, and go from there to find actual evidence to see if he is right. – ismael676 8 years ago
  • Texting and the internet are instantaneous: after pressing a few keys and the ever-powerful 'send' or 'submit' button, one can get their message and thoughts to anyone they choose. Writing, reading and creating are strenuous and difficult task. We live in a world where finding unique and impassionating topics (we often believe - and are presented with more and more evidence to support the fact that - individualized ideas have been exhausted). Texting and the internet are, unless otherwise formatted, anonymous and seldom entail immediate ramifications. Being creative will forever run the risk of criticism. To label creativity as 'more meaningful' may be contestable, but people like texting because its safe. Reading, writing and forming unique ideas can sometimes be anything but. – oteolis98 8 years ago

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