The genius of Rick and Morty

Because it’s on Adult Swim, I feel as though Rick and Morty is unfairly categorized as a vulgarly funny cartoon. Which it undoubtedly is. But it’s also the best show on TV right now. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Rick is turning into an antihero as fascinating as Walter White. The endless creative possibilities of a show that allows its characters to go to alternate universes lets the show’s creators flex their imaginations to a near breaking point. But when it gets too crazy, they always sneak in a moment of like, blistering humanity. Seriously. Watch it. Analyze it. Appreciate it. Maybe you could write about entropy on Rick and Morty. It is a show where literally anything could happen. Several episodes detail the chaos of this situation. Look at how chaos works to push forward both the show’s comedy and its character development. One could look at how Rick and Morty began the show as foils, but Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland seem to suggest a future in which Morty takes on Rick’s characteristics. What does this say about how we sometimes develop on a path that is parallel to our ancestors’? Another interesting aspect of the show is how it handles the art within its many worlds. In the "Get Schwifty" episode, art actually saves the entire planet. In the "Tiny Rick" episode, art becomes Rick’s only way to communicate his inner struggle. What are Harmon and Roiland saying about the power of art to affect the real world? One of the core sources of the comedy in Rick and Morty is how it becomes a meta-commentary on the nature of storytelling. Characters constantly make fourth wall breaking references and critique the show while it is happening. It would be interesting to collect these moments and find a common theme.

  • I love Rick and Morty, it's definitely up there with Bojack Horseman for me. It gets those borderline deep subjects and bring them to the surface in such a comedic and lighthearted way. I love that I can relate to Rick, because he's so complicated and knows that life sucks, but also has a pure heart and likes to help people. That's such a great dynamic for a character. Rick is one of the best characters on TV right now, I faithfully watch this show. It's one of the best TV shows that can get those dark depressed feelings out and still make you laugh about it. I've seen every episode thus far and I think this article can do some magic! – scoleman 9 years ago
  • I, too, love Rick and Morty, and I think that there is a lot to talk about between the power of art and its potential effect on the real world. Think, for instance, about the two episodes where the characters simply watch really bizarre, universe cable that seems to be adlibbed and improvised at that very moment. Also, with the first cable episode, there is a serious discussion about how Jerry and Beth have had seriously unhappy lives compared to what they originally want and how Summer wouldn't even be alive in a perfect world. After all this, they sit down and watch together, owing to your idea of TV and art as a potential effect for real world struggles; like many people who are frustrated with their lives, they use TV as an escape. This episode of Rick and Morty just takes it to a ridiculous extreme. – Gushanas 9 years ago
  • This is a fantastic topic. I've been watching the show non-stop now for a few weeks. It's deeply philosophical, and like you said, meta. If it were possible, I'd really enjoy collaborating with someone on this topic. The show deserves an analysis and application to the human condition and questions of identity / art / story telling. – claytonpitcher 9 years ago

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