The Internet and Netflix: Every Canceled Shows' Last Hope

For awhile now, Netflix has been known to not only feature its own programming, but now the streaming service has offered to revive shows that have been canceled on primetime and cable television. However, other services such as Amazon, Hulu, and now Yahoo, are not only creating their own shows but also offering to save others. Perfect examples include "The Mindy Project" that was saved by Hulu, "Community" which was saved by Yahoo, and now "Degrassi: Next Class" which will find a new home on Netflix. Does this mean every cancelled show now has a second choice? Why are these shows being saved rather than others? What’s the criteria? And based on that, what currently axed shows may see a revival?

  • I guess now we just have to wait for Firefly: The Next Generation, LOL. In all seriousness, my biggest problem with Netflix is how it hooks people into shows that have already been cancelled. I think that's another route to discuss. I have discovered shows that only lasted a season, but thanks to Netflix I watch all 22 episodes in a week and then go on the longest depression, until I find the next new show. This upsets me greatly. – sfg315 9 years ago
  • A million people raise their hands in the air and share their energy with Joss Whedon in the hope that Firefly might be revived. I believe Netflix revives shows based on a mixture of critical acclaim. They're not out, necessarily, to get the biggest audience, and they don't have to base their economic plan on weekly views. With everything being accessible at once, rather than having to compete with alternate channels they can simply watch as the view count increases, perhaps slowly, but steadily no-less. – therevolution 9 years ago
  • I find the strategy of Netflix of introducing shows instead of just films to be quite brilliant. Not only do people sign up for Netflix subscriptions so they can watch the show they've been hearing so much about or pick up their fav show that was cancelled by network television, but they stay subscribed because Netflix helpfully and strategically points out other shows you might be interested in based on your interest in such and such...Before you know it, people are hooked on another new show and continue their Netflix subscription so they can watch a new show while they wait for the next season of their old fav to be released. Now Netflix is playing the nostalgia card by bringing back old school favs such as Full House with their upcoming Fuller House, including the original cast. I am curious to see if other re-boots are in the works as well. – Storme 9 years ago
  • It may also be worth discussing the different episode release schedule (i.e releasing an entire seasons worth of episodes at once as opposed to releasing them one at a time on a specified airdate), how this changes how viewers watch and appreciate the show, and what cancelled shows may be most suitable for this format. – Inkstone 9 years ago

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