The intracacies of good "adult" animation

Many older generations see animation as something that should only be viewed by children. Yet, there is an audience, a profitable one, that is shown from the season premier of the Simpsons to movie sensation Sausage Party. However, What makes adult animation good? Is it the very clear indications that it is not meant for children? Or is it the very complex and detailed storyline that has the basic cartoon lover and binge watcher "geeking" alike? Shows like Rick and Morty, Archer, South Park, and Family Guy are only a few adult cartoons on tv right now, and they all have wide and diverse fan bases. That for those that aren’t part of those fan bases, dismiss them as being crass, but there is more them then that. So Why do we love them so much?

  • Good topic, but seems slightly unfocused. So-called adult animation is broad and can be traced back as early as Fritz the Cat and Ralph Bakshi's work in the 70s. More specificity is definitely needed. If you were to talk about a specific modern-day show like Rick and Morty or Archer, a slightly older show like The Simpsons or South Park, or something else entirely (like Bakshi), the article would be much more focused. – Sadie 6 years ago
  • I agree with Sadie. Adult animation in the west has had a complex history long before South Park made it okay to say naughty words on TV. Ralph Bakshi is a luminary along them, along with other auteurs like Rene Laloux, Jan Svanmajer and Bill Plympton. – PeterThelonious 6 years ago

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