"The Next Harry Potter"- Can it ever be true?

For years after the success of the Harry Potter series, many new fantasy novels followed that proclaimed to be "the next Harry Potter." From Percy Jackson and the Olympians to the Inheritance series, many reviewers have compared these books to J.K. Rowling’s masterpiece but yet sales and following movie adaptions have fallen short. What elements does a book series need to catapult it to the same level of fame and can it ever be replicated?

  • Think about The Hero's Journey – CarlaJasmine 9 years ago
  • You also should discuss the apeal the Harry Potter series has for people of all ages and look into othe books that have had wide audiences, such as The Hobbit and The Chronicles of Narnia. These were similarly population books before Harry Potter even if they werent as widespread. – rcmmh10 9 years ago
  • Definitely explore the time period HP skyrocketed to fame, and the books that had been doing well at that time as well. Half of success is all in demand, which hinges on time! – Juliann 9 years ago
  • The timing of the books made a huge impact on the popularity, but fads come in waves. Eventually we will see another franchise make the same, or at least similar, cultural impact that Harry Potter did. Explore what other franchises made that impact before Harry Potter. – Joseph 9 years ago
  • I think there is opportunity to create something similar, but its hard to compare anything to such – semelejansen 9 years ago

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