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    Why are teens attracted to fantasy novels?

    Teens these days seem to be extremely addicted to fantasy novels. Whether it involves a boy who discovers his magical powers, or a girl who has to choose between a wearwolf or a vampire, these novels tend to be best sellers. Is it because the reader wants to escape their reality for an hour? Or because they want to imagine that this type of world could exist?

    • Was there a time before this century when teens weren't attracted to fantasy? Because considering the general stories that teen fantasy novels involve, I think the appeal mainly has to do with one's still maturing adolescence, and this idea of "discovering your true gifts:" thus becoming what you will be for the rest of your life. Or finding that certain special, amazing and completely unbelievable person who will be your partner for the rest of your life. True, these novels--and adaptations of these novels--present an unrealistic and dramatically perfect extreme, which goes back to the escapist angle. But I think they serves as a personal encouragement: a way to imagine a life where you might be the person gifted with amazing abilities, or where you are fated to meet this unbelievable person who completes you, and makes you a better and stronger person than you were without them. I'm 23, and I still think these kinds of stories are encouraging and entertaining. I mean, somebody in their 20s or 30s is the one who's writing them, right? So it must mean something to them as well. – Jonathan Leiter 9 years ago
    • I agree with Jonathan, but this is could still make a good article. Teens being attracted to fantasy novels has become so normal, perhaps we forget or overlook the reason why. – Dominic Sceski 9 years ago
    • Oh absolutely, this could be a great topic to discuss. My previous comment was mainly meant to point out an alternate way to look at why Teens love fantasy, especially from my own perspective when I was that age. My top question was only intended to question the initial statement in the topic description. Because it feels like fantasy and teens have gone hand-in-hand for a lot longer than just the past few years. – Jonathan Leiter 9 years ago
    • I think they want to forget real life and its stuffs for an hour. most of the people like to live in fantasy with platonic love and amazing adventures. – Elahe Almasi 9 years ago

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    I agree with Aaron, it is offensive. But in reality that is what it might have been like back than. I don’t think it needs to be brought to the extent it is though.

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    Awesome fact about the Dark Knight, its great to see people do notice

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    Very true, people are tempted to vote according to the overall feel for the film had. The details to matter too

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    Well said, this article really puts a great spotlight on the use of nudity in Game of Thrones. Im curious how season six will evolve

    Game of Thrones: Don't Judge a Boob by its Cover

    Lost once again leaves me with goosebumps. The unpredictability of it always left me hanging on the edge of my chair. I remember repetitively pressing the next button on netflix, nervous as to what I was going to see next. Thanks for the refresher

    The Best Episodes of Lost

    Harry potter was my childhood. I remember anxiously waiting every day for 8:00PM to come, where my family would get together and read the following chapter. I cried, laughed and smiled countless times throughout her novels, as she went into specific details that made me grow very attached to the characters. This article made me reminisce on some of my best childhood memories. I am now reading Harry Potter again for a second time.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Why Harry Potter Appeals to Adults as Well as Younger Audiences