The Popularity of Daredevil

Compare the film adaptation and the recent TV adaptation by Netflix and discuss some of the reasons why the latter seems to have proved very successful with audiences and critics while the former received more of a mixed reception.

  • What Daredevil does is show a superhero unlike the other marvel cinematic universe characters. He is human, and cannot take a punch as easily as Captain American or Iron Man can. He is the first real street level superhero we have seen in this universe. – Aaron Hatch 9 years ago
  • I think some characteristics to be discussed could be the cinematography, the sound effects (particularly in the film), the choice to kill in the film and the moral decision of choosing not to kill in the series, the use of sonar in the film vs heightened senses and a world on fire in the series, the lack of humour in the film, the fight choreography, and the characterization of the villains in the series. Etc. – VelvetRose 9 years ago

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