The Problem With the New YouTube

The name YouTube perfectly described the platform of my youth. People making and posting content of themselves meant to be shared online. And not necessarily with the hope of going viral. What has it become now? Small YouTubers are overshadowed by corporations and businesses. Individuals who become successful now all sell merch and maybe even have exclusive content unlocked for a price with "join" button or with their Patreon. Youtube’s algorithms give me dumb suggestions I don’t want to watch because of all the clickbait out there. How has this happened? Is this a problem? Is it inevitable evolution of the medium?

  • I have to say that I agree with your complaints about YT 100%. However, to address your topic suggestion, it would be worth looking at various video sharing platforms to compare how these might turn this over commercialisation of YT to their advantage. What do platforms such as D-Tube, Bit Chute, Vimeo and even more controversial platforms such as 153news offer content creators? Also, would these 'alternate' platforms, in time, face the same problems you highlight about YT, if they gain more popularity or even grow to directly challenge the dominance of the almighty Techno-God Google? – Amyus 3 years ago
  • I would also be clear to delineate when the shift of Old vs. New YouTube occurs, as different people may place the change at different points. I think I noticed the differences more during the "adpocalyse" occurrences where users lost as much as up to 80% of their revenue and had to find alternate means of support. – Emily Deibler 3 years ago

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