The Quintessential Films of Every Decade

Analyse not particularly the best films of each decade, but rather the most watchable and relevant films from each decade. "Shawshank" for the 90’s, "Departed" for the 2000’s, etc.

  • It would be helpful to talk about why certain films are relevant. – BMartin43 5 years ago
  • The idea of summarising famous films of a decade seems fantastic, but I think you might need some clarification on where you are thinking of going with this topic. This idea could be used to identify what films encapsulated a certain generation or the particular frame of mind of that generation. For example, the film 'Fight Club' released in the late 90's captured the skepticism of modern capitalism coming into the millennia. – Mxvec 5 years ago
  • danieljubb, This would be a tough article to write about because it hinges on what your definition of quintessential is. If you're more artistically inclined and think movies are meant to be a form of art, then you'd probably pay attention to what critics said about certain movies. If you're taking a more ground level approach, however, and want to know what the public liked, you're going to have to look at box-office makings to see which movies folks enjoyed most. I'll give you a quick and recent example; the last few years have seen lots of artsy-fartsy movies get nominated for awards and earn tons of critical accolades. Movies like Manchester by the Sea, The Revenant, Birdman, Boyhood, Moonlight, etc. have all gotten tons of attention from mainstream critics. The public, however, tends to care more about spectacle and excitement, and if you look at those box-office earnings I mentioned before, you'd see that to them, the quintessential movies of each year are movies like Jurassic World, the Marvel movies, the Star Wars movies, etc. So, whose perspective are you going to look through? Do you think this article could potentially look through both? I appreciate your time, August – August Merz 5 years ago

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