Analyze the possible reasons why Jon Snow is revived in Game of Thrones

Analyze why one of the main characters in Game of Thrones is revived, and if he is revived for plot reasoning and why this would be, or rather to please audience members by playing on popular societal trends.

  • Honestly, I do not think this topic can be answered fully until the series reaches the conclusion. There are certainly hints and theories (R+L=J , The Prince That Was Promised, being free from his Night's Watch vows) that could help explain why Jon was resurrected, but until the conclusion there is no way to analyze the extent of Jon's character and importance. I also would note that I don't believe this resurrection is "playing on popular societal trends" that occur commonly on television. This resurrection has been in the works for years, since the last book came out. This isn't something that came out of thin air for ratings. This would be an interesting topic to explore after the conclusion of the series, but right now I do not believe it can be answered. If one wanted to explore the topic though, they could look at Jon as following the 'Hero's Journey'. By analyzing Jon through that perspective it could help predict reasons why Jon is important to the overall narrative, although there will be no concrete evidence to draw from in regards to the final stages. – Lexzie 6 years ago
  • Easy answer: the theory is he has king's blood so he's a contender for the child of prophecy along with Daenerys. I think Jon's resurrection is catering to fan interests though. Lexzie is right, an article should analyse Jon as a character, assess where he'll go based on trends in literary genres that resemble it. I'm sure there are plenty enough fan theory based Buzzfeed articles about how and why this one plot mark came to being so lets make it broader and deeper. – Slaidey 6 years ago
  • This is essentially answered in the books – Darcy Griffin 6 years ago
  • I believe it is for plot reasoning. Jon's death at the nights watch allowed for "his watch to end". Jon entered the Wall in the first season as green as a tree but now his character has developed into one of the most special characters in GOT. I believe his character has now grown past commander of the nights watch and off to bigger and better things. – Ringo 6 years ago
  • Jon Snow was told by the raven that he had to kill a boy to become a man--as is explicitly shown in the scene when the four traitors are hanged--yet there is a double meaning. It does not solely refer to the death of the boy who stabbed him, but to the death of jon snow, the young boy who emerges as a man no longer concerned with pleasing others. Personally, I have read the books long before the series began and I have always seen Daenerys and jon snow as the "end game," of the series. The series is titled a "song of fire and ice,"--> Daenerys being the fire; Jon being the ice. He is a pivotal character essential to the plot development of the show. His return will be monumental as his birth right holds tremendous secrets and insights into the true ruler of the iron throne. – danielle577 6 years ago

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