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The Rise of YouTube

Explore the history and growth of YouTube. What is the cultural and societal impact of YouTube? YouTube is now more than memes and funny videos, it is a career for certain individuals. There is a plethora of YouTube celebrities whose main job is to upload viral videos. Their fame in different than that of a movie star. Explore the reasons as to why this has come to be and what does it say about culture and society?

It may also be interesting to look at popular viral videos. Viral videos tend to be popular for a short period of time (Harlem Shake) and then the fad fades. How do these videos impact YouTube in general, and what it may say about our evolving society?

  • I feel that this topic is a good one, and is relevant, but perhaps this topic could be better with some analysis on the personality of such YouTubers and how they influence their viewers to make a difference in the world. – BethanyS 9 years ago
  • I would definitely read this, but I agree that narrowing it down would be helpful. There are lots of differing things that have shaken up the youtube community, such as the sexual assault accusations of multiple British you tubers, break-ups, stars coming out, etc. Maybe balance the scandals/more surprising revelations with your original positive topic. – Taylorsteen 9 years ago

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